Precautions to Take When You Leave the House during the Pandemic

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Written by Nancy

With COVID-19 still at large, people are concerned a lot about travel safety, especially on public transport and airplanes.

While many businesses have directed their employees to work from home and numerous mass gatherings and community events are being canceled worldwide, the risk of exposure isn’t something one must ignore in crowded settings.

In fact, CDC reports that places with poor air circulation like trains, subways, and buses are at a greater risk.

While transit authorities and airlines have enhanced their sanitation efforts to prevent the spread of the virus, travelers are welcome to take additional precautions. This may include the use of antiseptic and disinfecting products while they’re traveling, for instance, cleansing wipes and hand sanitizer.

Remember, CDC recommends frequent handwashing as the best way to remain safe when leaving the house during the pandemic. Therefore, you should wash your hands for at least 20 seconds while traveling. But there are other precautions you need to take as well.

Read on to find out.

Carry cleaners

Buy cleaners and keep them in your car. This way, you’ll be able to carry them around when you go out. The cleaners may include hand sanitizer, alcohol pads, and alcohol wipes.

Lather up

Don’t forget to wash your hands for 20 seconds periodically. You should always wash your hands after using a restroom.

Stand tall

Don’t lean against railings, counters, and walls. Plus, avoid sitting on steps or floors.

Hands off

We understand that this isn’t easy, but keep your hands away from your mouth, eyes, face, and hair.

Practice good hand awareness

Don’t touch surfaces needlessly.

Keep everything clean

Keep everything in your home clean, especially every high-touch surface in your home and car. Plus, when you’re done cleaning, always wash your hands.

Keep a safe distance

Maintain a safe distance (6 feet) from others. Note that walking past a person within the 6-foot range doesn’t count as a risk.

If possible, stay home

Make sure you have enough groceries so you can limit your repeated trips to the store.woman-covering-her-face-with-mask

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