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How Virtual Doctors Are Transforming the Healthcare Landscape

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Written by Nancy

Transforming care delivery for the better is no walk in the park, but virtual doctors are doing it—and effectively so. How? By meeting patients where they are—at home, on the road, in a virtual intensive care unit, or a long-term care facility, thereby amplifying access to clinical proficiency.

In fact, the patients love it too, as CNBC reports that telehealth visits surged 50% amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

With the healthcare landscape undergoing significant transformations, firms should understand that the business model should revolve around patients. This means that the doctor-patient relationship should be convenient, seamless, and high quality.

Let’s look at some ways virtual doctors are transforming the healthcare landscape:

Bringing care to people’s homes

Bringing healthcare into the home using technology has done two things: one, it has reduced the spread of coronavirus, two, and it has changed the ways people get treated.

Following are some ways online doctors are transforming healthcare:

  • Conducting virtual medical appointments
  • Preventing the patients’ exposure to the ongoing pandemic by offering primary and urgent care for common ailments like earaches and colds.
  • Supporting healthy lifestyle changes like medication adherence or weight management
  • Triaging patients infected with coronavirus symptoms without calling them to the clinic
  • Virtually monitoring patients with chronic conditions like diabetes or heath disease

According to a recent report, appointment cancellations and no-shows have cost the healthcare industry billions of dollars on an annual basis. However, virtual doctors have played a central role in reducing such instances.

Plus, almost 3/4th of the patients have stated that they’re satisfied with the telehealth experience.

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Meeting the demands of inpatient care

In a bid to prioritize the medical staff and patients’ wellbeing and safety during COVID-19, medical centers and hospitals are actively offering online healthcare services.

This is how they’re dealing with increasing cases:

  • Family members can communicate with and ask questions from providers, thereby staying involved with patient care.
  • Hospitals have access to a variety of specialists from across the world to virtually consult on the care of a patient.
  • Thanks to virtual rounding, the number of frontline workers attending to a patient has been significantly reduced. This is done by conducting virtual medical appointmentsusing smartphones.
  • In challenging situations like end-of-life care, video calls allowed family members the opportunity to spend valuable time with their loved ones.

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