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3 Most Common Injuries for Performing Artists

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Written by Nancy

Whether you’re a dancer or an athlete, play sports for fun, or enjoy performing as a hobby, a lot of hard work and training go into it.

A dance performance looks effortless and beautiful on stage, but is a result of grueling and intense physical labor—which can take a toll on the feet. This is why it’s imperative for artists and performers to take preventative measures and not to neglect crucial care, as this can result in injuries.

Let’s take a look at some of the most common injuries that performing artists experience, so you can prioritize your health by seeking professional care.

Ankle impingement and sprain

An anterior or posterior impingement in the ankle can lead to permanent changes in the ankle’s physiology. This can make it difficult to move.

Some of the symptoms of an ankle impingement include sharp pain in the front or back of the ankle when you jump or plie. It can also be characterized by an inability to rise on point or point.

Plantar fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is a fairly common foot injury where the patient experiences heel or arch pain due to an inflammation or irritation in the big toe and heel. It is most common in people who bear excess weight on their feet continuously.

It is also found in those who have improper form when performing techniques like plies, jumps or gaits. The most prevalent indicator is facing trouble when dancing on a hard surface or when you stand up after sitting for too long.

Stress fracture

This is a chronic condition that occurs when one part of the bone is put through repetitive motions excessively. It can occur in any bone but is more common in the second metatarsal, the fifth metatarsal and around the hip and shin.

Its symptoms include excessive pain at night, during and after performing an activity, and pain that doesn’t go away. There can also be swelling and sometimes it can be difficult to pinpoint where the pain is.

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