3 Major Benefits of PRP Treatment

Written by Nancy

Gradually emerging as the ultimate medical solution for a number of conditions, PRP treatment is famous for its widespread advantages. This is especially true for treating musculoskeletal conditions which may otherwise require extensive physiotherapy, strong courses of medication, and invasive procedures.

Here’re a few benefits of PRP treatment.


Reduces Symptoms of Tendonitis

According to a study, 30–50% of all sports-related injuries are because of a tendon disorder. Treating symptoms of tendonitis can become increasingly difficult, especially if the affected area is prone to frequent injuries. Medication and physiotherapy are unsuccessful in these cases, as the tendons become unresponsive to this form of treatment after a while.

PRP treatment can help with this. Research has shown the therapeutic effects of platelet-rich plasma on chronic elbow tendonitis, indicating that patients may experience up to 80% improvement and reduction in pain. PRP treatment has also proven to be effective for healing ligament tears and tendon bruising.

Helps Against Osteoarthritis

While osteoarthritis is a degenerative joint disease with no known cure as of yet, research has shown that PRP treatment can improve the condition and reduce its symptoms. By restoring the body’s hyaluronic acid through the growth factors present in the PRP component, the disease progression can be slowed down and some of the symptoms reversed.

PRP treatment is especially effective for patients with knee osteoarthritis. It helps improve their range of motion and relieves muscle pain significantly.


Promotes Quicker Healing of Several Conditions

For athletes and physically active individuals, PRP has quite a few advantages. Contact sports such as ice hockey, boxing, and soccer are a frequent source of ailments such as jumper’s knee or tennis elbow. Running and related activities also contribute to the growing incidence of plantar fasciitis. In severe cases, surgery is considered as the last resort option which has several risks and even greater recovery time.

PRP treatment can help you get out of this fix in a safe and effective way! As a minimally invasive procedure, it is free of complications and also helps the injured tissue heal faster. In fact, studies have shown symptom improvement of up to 80%  in patients with jumper’s knee in just a few weeks!

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