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3 Reasons You May Have Trouble Sleeping

A woman struggling to fall asleep because of anxiety

If you’ve ever had a less-than-usual sleep one night, you’ll be familiar with the irritability, grogginess, and general lack of alertness you experience the next day. That’s because sleep is essential to rejuvenate your body and maintain good health.

The Sleep Foundation reports that 7–9 hours of sleep every night is enough to bolster your abilities, improve concentration and focus, and help you process memories and information better. Without this, you may experience a myriad of mental and physical health concerns.

So if you’ve been tossing and turning in bed at night, counting sheep in desperate hopes of falling asleep, here are some possible reasons:


Sleep disruption may be caused by the incessant thoughts running through your head. When you’re trying to wind down for the day, you may feel like your mind is going a mile a minute—and that may be caused by anxiety.

Anxiety and sleep disorders have a cyclical relationship, making it difficult to cope with either one. Irregular heartbeat, rumination, abnormal sleep patterns, and hyperventilation come with anxiety disorders and can make falling asleep challenging.

Chronic pain

Almost 21% of Americans experience chronic pain, dealing with the persistent aches, discomfort, and immobility that come with it.

Whether it’s caused by an injury, surgical procedure, or unhealthy lifestyle, chronic pain, and inflammation can leave you writhing in discomfort and struggling with sleeplessness. Among people who experience chronic pain, between 50% and 80% claim to have sleep difficulties occurring simultaneously.

Even if you’re able to fall asleep, people with chronic pain tend to struggle with a lack of deep sleep and find themselves waking up several times throughout the night.

A woman holding her stomach in pain after a sleepless night due to chronic pain

Unhealthy Diet

The food you consume throughout the day can come back to haunt you at night. Big meals, spicy food, and too much caffeine can leave you feeling uncomfortable and experiencing painful heartburn.

This is especially true when you have your last meal an hour or two before trying to sleep. The fatty food and beverages won’t just disrupt your sleep when you’re constantly getting up to run to the bathroom, they’ll leave you feeling weighed down too.

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