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3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Trust Over-The-Counter Lice Removal Products

In one word: no. Similar to how you never get medicines without a medical specialist’s advice, you don’t get a lice removal without a lice specialist’s advice. And OTC (over-the-counter) lice products may be the least safe option for you.

Here’s why…

1. OTC lice products a chockfull of hazardous chemicals

Every lice removal products you see in your drugstore are essentially packed with pesticides. Whether or not they work, one thing’s for sure—these chemicals cause a great deal of harm to your hair and health. Permethrin and Lindane, the primary constituents in most OTC products, have an array of adverse side effects, including poor cognitive abilities, allergic reactions, difficulty breathing, and more.

The World Health Organization (WHO) views Lindane as one of its highest concerns, given that the chemical has possible cancerous effects.

2. These are no longer effective against the new wave of lice

Over the decades, people have been using OTCs. These are often seen as the quick-fix of lice treatments, and the harsh side effects are often ignored.

Problem is: lice learn how to adapt. When they move from dark to light colored hair, and the new nits will produce light colored lice. You expose them to OTCs and the new nits, courtesy of surviving lice, will produce ‘super lice’. These are quite strong, and least most OTC products will do is weaken them.

The price of OTC products is too high

We’re not just talking about what you pay to purchase these products. We’re talking about the days of school and work lost when your lice come back. We’re talking about the cost for re-purchasing the product for a re-application. We’re talking about possible trips to your local clinic because your scalp burns and you feel woozy.

Bottom line: OTC lice removal products will only bring you a bunch of new problems, and we all know that lice infestations alone are enough to drive you crazy.

So, when you find out that you or somebody in your home has lice, you can either run to the nearest drugstore for a toxin-filled OTC, or make an appointment with a professional lice removal service such as Lice Troopers. The lice specialists take appointments at 800-403-5423, and use natural products and nit-combings, leaving you lice-free within a day!

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