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3 Safe and Natural Hair Extension Methods for Teens

Natural Hair Extension
Written by Nancy

Teenage years can be as glorious for some as they can be difficult for others. Puberty can work like magic on some and if you’re one of those few, consider yourself lucky.

Because if you’re not, it can mean acne breakout, weight issues, immunity concerns, abnormal body hair and (worst of all) immense hair loss.

Sounds like a nightmare, doesn’t it? Well, Mother Nature is known to have cruel bouts of terror once in a lifetime for everyone.

But you have to prepare yourself to live through the teenage years because this too shall pass! And to help you through, there are countless cosmetic solutions that’ll boost your confidence and give you hope.

Hair loss can be a severely traumatic experience that gets to your head right from the get-go. But hair extensions can be an easy fix for this problem. Here are some safe and natural ways.

Sew In Hair Extension

Good news for all the beautiful ladies out there who want to flaunt their textured curls! These hair extensions are best for coarse or curly hair. Your hair will first be braided to create a base after which the hair wefts will be applied.  The extensions are then sewn into your hair with the help of a needle and thread.

The greatest advantage of these extensions is that they’ll stay in place and look as natural as you want. So you really don’t have to worry about the wefts slipping out of place at the wrong time. 

If you’re thinking of giving in to your daughter’s demands and let her get extensions, this is her safest choice. No glue or heat tools will be used on the hair so her hair will remain safe and healthy. And since oiling is the holy grail hair care ritual for curly girls, you can do that too with hair extensions braided into your hair!


Sew In Hair Extensions With Lace Closure

If you want hair extensions to give your curly mass a voluminous boost and also create a natural-looking hairline, lace closures are your answer.

All you need to do is braid your hair in parallel lines from front to back. Once that’s done, you add the weave on the head and start working your way in. It’s important that your stylist aligns the hair wefts exactly where you want it to be in order for the end result to turn out perfect.

The best part is that with lace closure, none of your own hair will be left out. So if a hair transformation is what the girl wants, a complete makeover is what she’ll get!

Micro Link Hair Extensions

While the braided methods work best on coarse hair, the braids can’t stay in place for people who have straight or wavy hair. For people with this hair type, micro link hair extensions are the best way to go.

Unlike the traditional sew-in weave, this will not give a complete makeover but can definitely add volume by blending in with your natural hair. The way it goes is that micro rings are attached to hair strands close to the roots and extensions are threaded through the rings using an I- or a U-link. These links are then fastened with the micro rings by applying pressure to make sure the wefts stay in place.

Similar to the previous two methods, this too doesn’t need heat or adhesives. Thus, your hair will enjoy luscious waves or a volume boost without compromising on your natural hair quality.

If you’re interested in getting hair extensions using the braid-less micro link or sewing techniques, Hair Weaves and Extension MD is the place to go in Catonsville. Contact Lisa Robinson; she’s the hair magician aka extensions specialist that your hair needs!

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