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3 Tips For First-Time Cannabis Users

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Written by Nancy

So you’ve finally jumped on the bandwagon and are on your way to taking your first hit. You’re about to enter a whole new world of cannabis highs.

And why not? It’s the perfect time to be a first-time consumer in America and Canada; with legalization, acceptability is higher than ever and products are being grown and produced by licensed growers. The quality is better than ever, and a whole range of health benefits await you in this ‘chill package.’

Welcome to the party!

However, before you start out, do go through these three tips to help you clear out some of the fog you have about the journey ahead (pun intended!).

A Word On Dosage

Patience is a virtue.

So it’s best to start out small, as opposed to taking huge hits.

If you’ve explored smoking up and have looked it up before deciding to join the party, you’re probably familiar with the concept of ‘Microdosing.’

According to research, every person has a cannabis threshold, and staying within that limit leads to pronounced health benefits. So start small, and keep readjusting the dosage over time to figure out your threshold value.

It is also to remember that cannabis can take time to kick in, varying from person to person—so figure out how long it takes for you.

Try Different Methods—And Choose The Best One For You

There are quite a few methods for consuming cannabis, including smoking it, vaping it, or going for edibles.

You can pick your poison, but do so safely, and slowly figure out which one works best for you—then stick to it.

If you’re going for smoking or vaping, the high will take a lot less time to hit you compared to edibles, so be careful about the quantity and puffs you take.

A common misconception regarding smoking is that holding the smoking in your lungs for a longer time will give you a better high. However, the truth is that most of the THC from cannabis is absorbed within the first few seconds, so holding the smoke in your lungs is of no use—and might even damage your lungs.

The Right Mindset For Smoking Up

The right mindset for smoking up is when you want to chill and have a good time.

If you’re excessively sad, down or not in the best mental state, it’s probably not the right time to experiment.

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