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3 Vitamins You (May) Need More of and How to Get Them

Written by Nancy

There was a time when vitamin deficiencies would cause severe disorders such as scurvy, caused by Vitamin C deficiency, and pellagra, caused by Vitamin B3 deficiency. However, a healthier diet and the use of supplements have made such diseases rare.

Nevertheless, vitamin deficiency is still a significant threat. Approximately one-third of the US population is at risk of or suffering from at least one vitamin deficiency. Common signs of vitamin deficiencies include brittle nails and hair, mouth ulcers, bleeding gums, scaly patches and dandruff, and hair loss.

Let’s take a look at some of the most common vitamin deficiencies and how they can out your health at risk. Although it’s possible to make up for these deficiencies with a healthy diet, it’s advisable that you buy supplements of Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, or others that you may need.

1.    Vitamin B12 or Cobalamin

Vitamin B12 is essential for the health of your nerve and blood cells and helps your body produce energy. Absorbing Vitamin B12 is vital, but as you age, there’s not enough acid in your stomach to help break down the protein and release Vitamin B12.

People who avoid eating meat and dairy products, i.e., vegans or vegetarians, may be more at risk of developing B12 deficiencies. You can get B12 through vitamin-rich foods like fish, meat, eggs, milk, poultry, and clams. However, you can also buy Vitamin B12 supplements.

2.    Vitamin D or Calciferol

Vitamin D is another crucial vitamin for your body as it helps your body absorb the calcium required for healthy bones and teeth. Vitamin D deficiency is also linked to certain heart diseases and cancers. However, unlike other vitamins, we get Vitamin D mainly from the sun, not from food.

So, if you are deficient in Vitamin D, you can try to get more sun exposure on a regular basis. Nevertheless, several foods such as orange juice, breakfast cereals, and milk are also fortified with Vitamin D.

You can also buy Vitamin D2 and D3 supplements if the deficiency is severe. You can consider buying Vitamin D3 and K2 supplements that help in getting healthy bones and a strong immune system and are recommended for children and elderly people alike.


3.    Vitamin B6 or Pyridoxine

Vitamin B6 is required in hundreds of biochemical reactions that occur in our body, but it’s most prominently known for its role in the regulation of appetite, sleep, and mood. It’s also essential for our immune system and cognitive function and crucial for red blood cells.

While B6 deficiencies aren’t so common, adults usually don’t get the required amounts. Bananas, baked potatoes, chicken, and other fortified foods are rich in B6. Still, you can buy Vitamin B6 supplements as it can be challenging to maintain a healthy diet on a regular basis.

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