3 Ways Anxiety Manifests Itself In Your Relationships

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Written by Nancy

Anxiety disorders are one of the most common mental illnesses among adults in the US. Nearly 40 million adults are said to have anxiety; however, only 36.9% of them seek treatment

The disregard for seeking treatment for anxiety stems from the dismissive attitude people have toward the condition. Unfortunately, if left untreated, anxiety can be damaging in various aspects of your life, including your relationships! Here’s how anxiety can be harmful when you try to pursue a romantic connection with a potential partner. 

Doubts About Relationship

Paranoia is a heightened state of anxiety, and the more paranoid you are, the more anxious you feel. It’s a vicious cycle that can cause significant strain on your relationship.

The constant worrying about your partner’s intentions and ulterior motives can cause doubts about the relationship and feelings involved. It can lead to accusations and trust issues, which are detrimental to a relationship. This constant paranoia can leave your partner feeling exhausted, and they might even end the relationship on unhappy terms. 

Overthinking Actions 



Mental conditions like anxiety and depression can lead to you overthinking the smallest of problems. What usually can be dismissed can be stretched thin by all the negative thoughts your mind starts to engage in! 

For instance, sometimes, your partner might not want to hold your hand because their palms are sweaty, or they have too many items to hold. This would be a fair and logical assumption, but when anxiety kicks in, your mind may go into overdrive, causing you to overthink the situation. Do they hate you? Are they growing tired of you? Maybe they don’t want to be seen with you in public. All these thoughts are prevalent in an anxious mind!

Sabotaging The Relationship

The most detrimental thing that could happen to a happy relationship is your fear and anxiety pushing you to end it, all out of fear of possibly getting hurt.

The constant stress and overthinking will eventually push you to make the wrong decisions, all in a bid to hurt the person you love before they hurt you. You might pick arguments over nothing and push for a breakup, just to remain in control of your feelings. It’s a damaging approach that can follow you in all your relationships and have them suffer the same fate. 

The best thing you can do for your mental well-being and relationship is to seek the help you need to manage your anxious thoughts better. If you’re on the hunt for an anxiety therapist in Alabama, get in touch with David E. Myers, Ph.D. A licensed psychologist, Myers can help you become more in charge of your actions and emotions and live a more fulfilled life. Contact the clinic today for more information! 


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