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3 Ways to Cope With Obesity

A slim and an overweight woman
Written by Nancy

Over 42% of Americans fall in the category of obese or overweight, according to the CDC. This number keeps rising each year, putting millions of Americans at risk of many other illnesses. Whether you are overweight, obese, or on the verge of developing obesity, you should not lose hope. There are certain lifestyle changes you can make today that can help you escape these statistics and live a healthy life free of illness.


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1. Dietary Changes

There are ways of managing your weight through dietary changes:

a) Low-Calorie Diet

Only consume as many calories a day as you can utilize. On average, an adult female should be consuming 1,600 to 2,200 calories a day, and an adult male about 2,000 to 3,200 calories. Keep your diet rich in fiber as it can be more filling and might help reduce food cravings. Reduce your intake of fast food and sugary drinks and include fruits and vegetables in your diet.

b) Intermittent Fasting

If you have trouble adhering to a daily diet plan, you can give intermittent fasting a try. This diet control method is gaining popularity with many weight-loss experts and can offer promising results for many obese individuals. This weight loss plan involves a “fasting day” paired with an “eating day” alternately. With regular fasting, you will be able to manage hunger pangs better and control your impulses in the future.

c) Controlled Snacking

Try to adhere to three meals a day and avoid binge eating or snacking in between meals. It can be easier to keep a check on your calorie intake for regular meals. Alternately, the calories in snacks often go unaccounted for and end up accumulating for more body fat.

2. Weight Loss Medicine

If you struggle to manage your weight via any other means, you can opt for weight loss medicine as a last resort. Consult with a prescription assistance organization and get the medicine to help you achieve your weight loss goals more efficiently.

A slim and an overweight woman

3. Hormonal Treatment

Often, a hormonal imbalance could be the cause of uncontrollable weight gain. Consult with your doctor and start your medical treatment with the help of financial assistance for prescriptions.
Advocate My Meds offers full-service prescription assistance programs that make medication affordable for people of all financial backgrounds and bring you closer to your weight goals.

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