4 Disastrous Beard Growing Mistakes You Need to Avoid

a man with a patchy beard
Written by Nancy

Unlike what many beard growth pills might have you believe, growing a beard isn’t as effortless as it seems—it requires time, commitment, and care. 

If you’re on a quest to bearded glory, we’ve outlined some common mistakes men make along the way. Keep reading to spot if you’ve been making these mistakes, as well as tips on how to avoid them. 

1. Not Giving Yourself Enough Time

A full beard takes about three months on average to grow out. Even then, some people might experience faster or slower growth depending on environmental conditions and their genetics. Additionally, some areas on the face might achieve faster growth that may give it a patchy appearance. 

Note that this is not a sign that you should give up on your beard. The reality is that some parts of your beard develop slower than others. In fact, some men find that their beards continue to develop well into their 30s. So give it some time instead of giving up. 

2. Not Cleaning Your Beard Properly

Washing your beard properly should be an essential part of your beard care routine. Cleaning your beard with shampoo three times a week and then conditioning it after should do the trick. Of course, if you have an outdoor job that comes with a lot of dust and sweat, then you’ll need to wash it more often. 

3. Using the Wrong Brush



Brushing your beard regularly is an essential component of keeping the hair clean and tangle-free. One of the biggest mistakes guys make is using a cheap plastic comb with fine teeth to brush their beards. Not only do combs cause hair to snag and break, but they also prevent the distribution of oils necessary for your beard. 

Instead, opt for a wooden brush with wide teeth or soft bristle brushes with boar bristles for best results.

4. Not Using Beard Oil—Or Not Using Enough

Investing in some good-quality beard oil is essential if you’re serious about growing a beard. Simply put, it’s the single most important tool in your beard-growing arsenal. 

When you start growing a beard, the hair draws away oils from the skin, leaving it dry and dull. Beard oils help prevent the itching and dandruff that comes with dry skin and makes hair roots stronger. Make sure to apply the beard oil to your skin and the beard to repay the full benefits of oiling. 

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