4 Health Benefits of Electric Bikes You Didn’t Know About

Written by Nancy

Contrary to popular belief (stemming from misunderstandings about the workings of an electric bike), commuting on an electric bike has incredible health benefits! What misunderstanding you might be wondering? The one about the bike’s motor doing all the work, letting the user just enjoy the ride without any input at all.

The truth of the matter is that electric bikes are meant to assist riders and the level of assistance can be changed by the user. So bikers can set the amount of input they wish to give. With that little myth resolved, let’s discuss exactly what these health benefits that we talk about are.


It’s no mystery that exercise is recommended by scientists as a cure-all against all kinds of diseases, be they physical or mental. Specifically, around 2 and a half hours of exercise are recommended per week. Unfortunately only 2 in every 10 people are able to meet this requirement.

Constant Aerobic Exercise

Cycling, when integrated into a person’s daily routine, can help achieve this much needed exercise. However, there are limitations such as fitness, health conditions, age, and elevated surfaces when it comes to using conventional bikes. Electric bikes help by making aerobic exercise accessible to these people by providing assistance where needed.

Strengthening Exercise

Your muscles, bones, and joints are all used to maneuver a bike. An electric bike, by virtue of its increased weight (as compared to regular bikes) strengthens these body parts as you use it. Core strength is also increased as these muscles are used for bike balancing.

Confidence Booster

People with age problems or injuries may be afraid of getting on a bike. Knowing that their electric bike’s motor will help them overcome any hurdles they face out on the roads helps these people to overcome their fears as they get into improving their fitness.

More Cycling

According to a study in Norway, electric bike users not only cycle for longer distances but also cycle more frequently when compared to regular bike users. One of the many reasons for this is because electric bikes ease up cycling when there’s some additional weight onboard such as groceries and backpacks, etc., making them a more viable option for everyday tasks.


So, there you have it, the four most important health benefits you can derive from using an electric bike. Now that you are no doubt convinced that an electric bike is beneficial for you, check out one of the best vendors for electric bikes in Ponca City, OK.

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