4 Why It’s Important to Replace a Missing Tooth

Missing Tooth
Written by Nancy

Nobody fancies missing teeth; they affect your self-esteem, and are even the cause of bullying. However, the irony is that countless people deal with them. In fact, research has found that around 120 million people in the United States alone have at least one missing tooth.

Tooth loss can be caused by multiple factors. These include, but are not limited to, tooth decay, gum disease, injuries, or simply wear and tear. While many people go about their lives without replacing missing teeth, it’s important to understand the benefits of doing so. So without further ado, let’s dive in.

1. Chewing ability

Everybody loves a bright, toothy smile, but our teeth serve multiple other functions that go beyond aesthetic value; allowing us to chew our food being the foremost one.

Not getting a missing tooth replaced can impede your ability to chew food properly, and may cause surrounding teeth to eventually crowd that space. The end result is teeth that are out of alignment.

2. Gum disease

A missing tooth can make you susceptible to gum disease. This is because when teeth become increasingly misaligned, it becomes extremely challenging to brush and floss them effectively.

This, in turn, makes your teeth vulnerable to plaque and bacteria, eventually causing tooth decay and gum disease. Gum disease—or, in other words, periodontal disease—can also cause you to lose more teeth.

3. TMJ disorder

Temporomandibular joints are muscles on the side of your head that enable you to chew and rotate your jaw.

Any damage or strain to these muscles can cause an intense amount of physical pain, and tooth loss can make you extremely vulnerable to this condition.

As mentioned earlier, tooth loss misaligns your teeth and causes bite problems. Therefore, as your upper and lower jaws are unable to meet properly because of it, your TMJs can get damaged.

4. Face shape

Not replacing a missing tooth can eventually lead to bone deterioration, and over time, this can alter your face shape.

You can consider getting dental implants to replace your tooth root and avoid the potential repercussions.

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