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4 Kinds Of Professionals Who Should Consult With A Sports Medicine Doctor

Written by Nancy

Sports injuries are beyond frustrating. From the pain to the downtime, it’s the worst-case scenario for any athlete.

On top of that, assessing what kind of doctor you’ll need to see can be a pain too. Should you go to a podiatric specialist for tissue damage when you fall in the football field? Do you need to see an orthopedic doctor when you twist your ankle while riding a bike? Or do you need a sports medicine doctor to treat you for your injuries?

All of this is unnerving. If you twisted or broke your bone doing any form of physical activity, you need to book an appointment with a sports medicine doctor immediately.

What Is A Sports Medicine Doctor?

Sports medicine doctors focus on helping people enhance their athletic performance and immune system, while also helping them prevent and recover from injuries.

The focal points for a sports medicine doctor are the legs, knees, shoulders, back, and hand, as these are the places where most sports injuries occur.

Sports medicine doctors specialize in musculoskeletal conditions. Their goal is to help patients stay active, especially after an injury has left them bedridden.

Who Should Visit A Sports Medicine Doctor?

If you’re not an athlete, you probably think this piece isn’t for you. However, injuries from any physical activity need to be treated by a sports medicine doctor. The following people should visit a sports medicine doctor:

Sports Coaches

Even if you’re not playing on the field regularly, you’re still running around with the team—training them and helping them play better. Your job requires you to stay active, perform physical exercise, and be part of the game when needed. Hence, you’re not immune to injuries.


This goes without saying. If you’re an athlete, you need a sports medicine doctor on standby to treat you for any physical injuries that arise. You also need someone who knows your history of physical injuries so they can treat them with the appropriate care.

Anyone with the following injuries

It doesn’t matter if you’re a babysitter or a physical therapist. If you sustain one of these injuries, a trip to the sports medicine doctor is essential:

  • Chronic injury
  • Acute injury

The doctor will be able to tell you exactly what part of your body is injured, and will suggest rehabilitative strategies that will ensure a healthy recovery.

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