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4 Mistakes New Parents Make

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Written by Nancy

Everybody makes mistakes, even parents. Do you believe your parents had prior knowledge of how to care for a baby; how to properly bathe and feed their little man; when to start worrying about the incessant and inconsolable crying?

New parents aren’t handed a manual. Parenting requires a lot of trial and error.

Every parenting style is different. Yet there are some mistakes almost all new parents make, which can make parenting more difficult than it is.

Mistake #1: Believing Everything You Hear

It’s normal to seek advice from people who have been there, especially during the first weeks after your child is born.

Even if you don’t ask for advice and suggestions, people will offer anyway. 4 people giving 4 pieces of different advice for the same issue? This is bound to become confusing. Who should you listen to?

Child psychiatrist and author of Hyper-Parenting, Alvin Rosenfeld, M.D. says the only opinion that matters is yours, i.e. the parents. Life has gifted an amazing and creative role to you and your partner! Learn and grow by believing in your own parenting advice and suggestions.

Mistake #2: Not Letting Your Infant Cry

Babies cry. Every day with your baby will become less stressful if you understood this basic truth.

We, as new parents, jump up at the slightest sound our baby makes. We think our job is to make sure the baby isn’t crying and associate the act with negativity. You aren’t doing something wrong just because your baby is crying.

This is the way babies communicate. They’ll be fed and dry, but may still cry! You should check to see what’s wrong, console and cuddle them, but don’t stress about it much.

Mistake #3: Wake Your Baby to Breastfeed

There is a common misconception that breast milk isn’t thick or filling enough. Infants on breast milk can’t get through the night due to this reason. Yet breastfed babies can and should sleep through the night according to pediatricians.

In fact, it’s incredibly beneficial for both mom and baby to sleep through the night without any disturbances.

Mistake #4: Comparing Your Baby with Others

Developmental charts, i.e. at what age a baby should sit up and crawl, are all averages. Don’t focus too much on them.

Many new parents obsess (often unnecessarily) when it comes to the development of their infant. Is she sleeping through the night? Is she trying to sit-up and crawl?

Other parents also play a large role in bringing up insecurity of new parents regarding their baby’s development. Don’t let anyone make you feel your little darling is slow! Babies develop at their pace. So, there isn’t reason to be worried if your boy is developing within the normal range!

Let go of fears and stress. Just enjoy every moment with your baby…learning alongside. This is a time to cherish not obsess and fret over! Sign up for an early parenting MP3 and video course offered by HypnoBirthing Hub!

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