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4 Practices That Might Be Putting Your Employees At Risk

Employees At Risk
Written by Nancy

The safety of your employees should be top priority for your organization. While you may think that your safety protocols are airtight, there’s a high chance that there are oversights that are affecting your employees adversely.

Employers need to devise safety measures that make no compromises; standards should ensure safety instead of putting employees under physical and mental stress. The following are some practices across industries that harm the well-being of employees:

Not Providing Fire Safety Equipment

While fires may not occur regularly (hopefully), it’s vital to be prepared for them.

You need to make sure that there are fire hoses and hydrants within reach, so you can reduce your response time during a disastrous situation. Moreover, if possible, have sprinklers installed to mitigate a serious fire.

Moreover, keep flammable materials away from employees and store them in safe environments where conditions are maintained.

Checking In On Lone Workers

If you’re a supervisor in a production plant, you probably look after multiple workers who work alone in an enclosed environment. These workers constitute your most vulnerable employees.

This is why you need to make their working situation as safe as possible. In certain cases, it’s a good idea to give them a walkie-talkie or a phone to maintain contact. However, these measures aren’t enough.

The emergency phone will require a person to be able to dial a number. If a worker has been severely injured or left incapable of moving, they will not be able to reach for the phone and request aid.

Not Responding As Soon As A Check-In Is Missed

Hourly check-ins are necessary for employees who work in hazardous environments. If they have a phone or a walkie-talkie which they use to communicate with you, you need to ensure that they do.

Respond immediately if they do not reply. A missed check-in could signify that an employee has been injured—you’ll never know unless you send an emergency response team.

Not Performing A Facility Sweep To Locate Injured Employees

After the facility has been evacuated during an emergency, you also need to conduct a facility sweep to locate employees who weren’t able to escape and might have been injured. You need to do this fast because every second lost might be life-threatening.

If you’re looking for first aid training to deal with emergencies at your workplace, you can get in touch with the experts at Metro Safety. They provide occupational first aid training that is certified by the Red Cross. You can visit their website to learn more about their services in British Columbia, Canada.

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