4 Reasons Why Bugs Can Be a Serious Threat To Your Health

a number of cockroaches lying upside-down
Written by Nancy

Bugs are nasty creatures. They invoke feelings of disgust and irritability. Even more than that, they can be extremely hazardous and pose serious threats to you and your family’s health.\From spreading pathogens to making your home uninhabitable, bugs can be a serious threat to your health. Here’s how:

Cockroaches exacerbate asthma

These uninvited pests are extremely common and usually accumulate in dirty and filthy places. There are different types of cockroaches and whilst they walk fast, some even can fly.

Cockroaches are carriers of bacterial infection and can contaminate your food with their saliva, causing diarrhea and stomach infection. People with asthma are at a high risk of being affected by these pests. There is also evidence of cockroaches causing asthma in pre-school aged children.

Bed bug bites can become serious

Bed bugs are tiny oval-shaped creatures, usually around 1mm to 7mm and reddish-brown. They usually leave behind shells as they shed their skin, after sucking on host blood.

Bed bug bites may seem like nothing serious than an itch but germs and bacteria can penetrate through the wound and cause serious infections. It can lead to severe allergic reactions and even anaphylactic shocks if not treated properly.

Rodents can cause Hantavirus

Rodents are carriers of around thirty-five diseases. These pests not only contaminate your living spaces but spread diseases that can be very serious to one’s health.

Rodent droppings upon becoming dry can pose a serious health risk. Hantavirus is one such serious disease spread by inhaling rat droppings or saliva. Symptoms include body aches and dizziness. The specific rodent species responsible for this disease are deer mice.
two rodents peeking out from a small toy house

Mosquito bites can lead to multiple viruses

These pesky creatures are carriers of a plethora of diseases including Zika virus, dengue, and malaria. They thrive in unhygienic places especially in areas of poor water sanitation. Mosquito bites are annoying—to say the least. 

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