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4 Reasons Fall is the Best Time for Laser Hair Removal

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Written by Nancy

The season when leaves turn and fall, creating a squishy, mulchy carpet for the cold and soggy months ahead, is nearly upon us. The latter is far away, but you’re right on time for the spooky season. Beyond the beauty of changing leaves and cozy sweaters, there’s another reason to embrace this season: It’s the perfect time for laser hair removal at PYH Laser Studio.


Here’s what makes now the perfect time for permanent hair removal in NYC.

1. The Sun’s in Sleep Mode—Almost!

Laser hair removal and sun exposure don’t mix well. The sunlight is milder during the fall, providing the ideal conditions for laser treatments. Unlike the scorching summer months, you’re less likely to bask in the sun after treatment, reducing the risk of post-procedural complications and skin damage.

2. Prepare for Swimsuit Season

What goes around comes around; summer’s gone away, but it will return, and so will your beach days. As the warm season winds down, initiate your laser hair removal sessions, especially if you plan to get full-body hair removal, which could take six to nine months.


You’ll almost be done with laser treatments and recovery and ready to show off smooth, hairless skin just in time for the next swimsuit season.

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3. Protection for Freshly Treated Skin

Your skin may be mildly tender and sensitive after a laser hair removal session. Fall’s cooler temperatures allow you to cover treated areas without discomfort, whether with scarves, long sleeves, or jeans.


This added layer of protection shields your skin from unnecessary exposure without making you get all hot and sweaty, which is something neither you nor your treated skin will want or enjoy.

4. Fewer Post-Treatment Complications

Summer often leaves people with tan lines that can complicate laser hair removal on unevenly pigmented skin. By starting in the fall, you ensure that your skin tone becomes more uniform, enabling the laser to target hair follicles effectively.


While side effects remain rare on excessively tanned skin, it’s equally frustrating to get laser hair removal only for it to not work due to the pigmentation.


Increase your odds of effective permanent hair removal by choosing PYH Laser Studio as your service provider. Bid farewell to unwanted hair and welcome a new era of smooth, hair-free skin at the hair clinic’s shockingly affordable rates. Trust their Cynosure Elite Plus technology to achieve smooth and supple skin in a few sessions.


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