4 Reasons You Should Look into DNA Testing

DNA Testing
Written by Nancy

A DNA test analyses the genetic make-up of a person. Through this kind of testing, you can check to see if someone has been involved in a particular crime, or find out someone’s ancestry.

Through DNA tests, we can also check to see if a person is particularly susceptible to a certain genetic disease, or mutation.

There are many reasons why someone would want to get a DNA test:

Establishing Your Heritage

A popular trend in recent years has been genealogical DNA testing. This is done to verify a person’s ancestry—estimating the ethnic mixture of a person. Consumer DNA testing blew up in 2017. In AncestryDNA, a leading autosomal DNA test, announced more than 15 million customers worldwide, this year.

People may simply be curious about their ethnic make-up and want to trace their family lineage. For this, they may obtain a DNA sample (usually their saliva) and send it over to a paternity testing company for analysis.

Workplace Requirements

Your workplace may ask you to take a DNA test to make sure you haven’t been involved in any crimes in the past. This isn’t as common when you work in low-risk jobs such as offices, etc. since that verification can also be done by pulling up criminal records.

It’s more common for those working in dangerous industries to be taking this test. Such high-risk work includes mining, construction work, and working in organizations such as the military. The former two have been ranked the most dangerous jobs in Canada by the Association of Workers’ Compensation Boards of Canada (AWCBC).

These industries have the highest work-related fatalities, and workers may want to be identified in case they’re involved in a fatal accident. These DNA results are saved with families and solicitors.

Screening for Diseases

One of the biggest impacts DNA research has made in the world of medicine is in the field of genetics.

DNA tests help doctors diagnose diseases early. They are able to pinpoint patients who’re more susceptible to a certain disease because of their genetic make-up.

Furthermore, people who are considering having offspring may be interested in knowing whether they’ll pass down certain conditions to their children, such as diabetes or congenital heart disease.

DNA Testing for Canadian Immigration

With an influx of immigrants coming into Canada, DNA testing is becoming a common process. Almost 250,000 immigrants land on Canadian soil every year, from different backgrounds. DNA testing offers a solution to incomplete paperwork by helping agencies identify familial relationships easily.

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