4 Ways to Deal with a Throbbing Headache

Written by Nancy

Don’t you wish you had a magic trick to stop your head from pounding? We all experience headaches occasionally that make us feel miserable. Headaches are the most common health disorders that affect half of the world’s population at least once every year. Unfortunately, they’re highly underestimated and are we’re led to believe that they’ll go away on their own.

There are a number of causes for headaches that range from flu to sinus, stress, and migraine. Approximately 8.3% of Canadians were diagnosed with migraine in 2010–11. That’s almost 2.7 million people out of which 76% accepted that these headaches prevented them from getting a good night sleep.

So what could be done to stop these silent monsters or at least decrease their severity? We have compiled some common ways to deal with a headache. Here are some ways to prevent a throbbing headache.

Apply a Cold/Hot Press:

If you suffer from migraines, apply an ice pack on your head. This will tighten your blood vessels and stop the neurotransmission of pain from reaching your brain cells. However, if the pain is due to sinus or stress, avoid placing the cold press on your forehead. Rather, use a heating pad on your neck. This relaxes the muscles decreasing the tension or sinus headache. You can also take a cold or hot shower, depending on your condition.

Have a Cuppa Tea:

Caffeine is an effective solution to get rid of a headache and is a popular ingredient of many pain killers. It has vasoconstriction properties, which help relieve headaches caused by migraine. It makes you more alert and improves your mood. Therefore, sip a caffeinated drink like tea or a cup of coffee and see the magic.

Avoid Bright Lights:

Headaches often result in sensitivity to bright light. Light from mobile phones or laptop screens can trigger migraines. If you suffer from frequent headaches, it better to reduce your screen time. Flickering light from our devices can trigger the pain and lead to severe headaches.

Get the Right Treatment:

Traditionally, headaches were treated with the help of pain killers. However, modern medicine offers a number of effective treatments to resolve this issue. If you get recurring headaches with intense pain, consider getting the right medication and proper consultation rather than trying over-the-counter medication and pain killers.

Divergent Health provides a wide range of headache treatments in Calgary. Whether it’s a migraine or a tension headache, our can find the best therapy for your symptoms. Schedule an appointment with our healthcare professionals to diagnose your headache. Give us a call today at 403.909.8111.

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