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4 Ways to Improve Hair Growth

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Written by Nancy

Hair loss, hair fall, shedding, and thinning are fairly common. Men and women across the country—and the world—struggle with this issue, and for many, it’s permanent and irreversible. However, all hope is not lost, especially if your hair loss is reversible and manageable.

You can make a few lifestyle changes and alterations and improve the quality and texture, as well as the volume of your hair, and possibly encourage new hair to grow too. Try the following tips and tricks, alongside regular SMP hair treatment at Delaware Scalp Micropigmentation to see a drastic improvement in the appearance of your hair:

1.     Improving your diet and adding more nutrients

A lot of the time, nutritional deficiencies are the cause of hair loss and hair fall. Improvements to your diet and including foods that contain essential nutrients like your omega-3s, vitamins A, B, and C, among others, zinc, iron, and more. Meeting these deficiencies can often encourage hair growth and improve the quality of your hair overall.

2.     Stimulating growth through massages

Massages are an excellent way to increase circulation and stimulate growth in the scalp, and growing thicker, denser hair over time. But again, massages require consistency and regular practice, and will eventually show results. It’s important that you massage across your scalp, and you’ll see growth over time.


3.     Using stimulants like aloe vera and coconut oil

Aloe vera, carrier oils like coconut, and some essential oils like tea tree can often act as stimulants and are used to massage your scalp and through the length of your hair. These stimulants work by nourishing the hair and stimulating it through the motion of application. They also hydrate and repair the strands of your hair, which is why you can expect to see healthier, thicker hair.

But with that said, it’s important you also cut back on heat and product usage to maximize the benefits and reduce the impact on your hair.

4.     Look into professional treatments for thickness

Professional treatments like scalp micropigmentation can help improve the appearance of your hair by replicating the texture of your hair follicles. It’s a quick,  cost-effective treatment with minimal pain and recovery time and results in thicker-looking hair. Within a few sittings, you can have a hairline that extends forward and coverage across your scalp.

Not all of us have the option to seek expensive, often painful treatments with hit or miss results, however. Instead, the option for effective, immediate results through scalp micropigmentation treatment can be more viable. Not only is there little to no downtime required, but a few sessions can also make an instant difference. Contact the clinic to know more about their services for men and for women today.

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