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4 Ways To Improve Your Immunity

Written by Nancy

Our immune system is our body’s primary defense mechanism. A strong immune system prepares the body to fight all kinds of germs and bacteria and protects us from diseases.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, having strong immunity has become more essential than it was ever before.

There are several ways to improve your immunity, however only a few are effective. You need to be careful before blindly consuming certain ingredients which will do you no good, instead only cost you money.

Keep reading this article to know about some effective methods and ingredients that can help your body to have a robust immune system to keep viruses and germs at bay.

Have A Healthy Diet

Having a healthy diet is the most basic yet the most crucial method to improve one’s immunity.

Ensure that your diet is rich in fruits, vegetables,  and don’t forget to include healthy fats in your daily diet.

Also include micronutrients like vitamin C, E, and B6 in your diet to maintain your immune system.

Exercise Regularly

Physical activity and regular workouts help to keep the body healthy and active.

Exercising regularly can improve blood circulation and makes it easier for immune cells to move around in the body to fight germs and viruses.

Exercising for as little as thirty minutes each day can do wonders for your physical and mental well-being.

Drink Enough Water

Like all other body systems, water also helps to improve the immune system. A fluid called lymph transports the germ-fighting immune cells to a different part of our body.

Lymph mainly consists of water and lack of water in the body affects the lymph’s performance and leads to a weak immune system.

Consume Herbs

Herbs like olive leaf extract and turmeric are known to boost immunity.

Olive leaf extract has anti-inflammatory properties and can kill almost all sorts of viruses, bacteria, parasites and also helps to treat diabetes, tumors, and hypertension.

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