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4 Ways Orthotics Can Help You Fight Foot Pain

Custom Orthotics
Written by Nancy

Being able to walk and run freely is one of the most priceless gifts of life. Your feet act as a carriage, taking you places and great distances. Unfortunately, osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis and generally affects the toe when it attacks the feet.

It can also develop in the mid-foot. Research shows that 37 percent of Canadians aged 20 or older stated that they struggled with osteoarthritis.

While it may seem that the struggle has no end, orthotics (devices/soles that help with foot support) can help you fight foot pain and get back on the right track to leading a happy and healthy lifestyle. Here are 4 ways orthotics can be beneficial:

Enhanced Foot Support

The average human’s feet have 26 bones with a hundred muscles. The bones located in your feet are one of the most complex parts of your body, therefore, needing more attention and care. This is because our feet bear the entire weight of our body.

Orthotics help enhance foot support by providing your heels and the 3 anatomical arches of your feet balance. This gives you a solid foundation to rely on.

Better Comfort

Custom orthotics provide better comfort than insoles found at department stores. This is because they are designed using the highest quality materials, and made for specific foot structures.

With proper foot support and comfort, you won’t be able to tell if you’re wearing orthotics.

Reduced Pain

This is the benefit that stands out. While insoles sold at department stores add cushioning to shoes, they’re not designed to address feet-related problems. Custom orthotics are designed specifically to address such issues, especially when it comes to osteoarthritis and foot gout.

Corrected Supination

Feet come in different structures and sizes. If you’re born with a high arch, you’ll end up struggling with supination, which is when your ankles lean outward, away from the mid-line of your body’s structure.

Orthotics help keep your balance, while helping restore your body to its correct position. This is a problem with insoles sold at retail stores because they are not built with the advanced technology required to address the problems related to feet of all sizes and structures.

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