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5 Common Muscular Injuries and Their Treatments

Written by Nancy

Muscular injuries can range from bumps and scrapes to severe problems requiring immediate medical attention. According to statistics, young people have the highest likelihood of muscular injuries with over 66% of the adolescent injuries being linked to sports.

What Are Muscle Injuries?

Muscles are bundles of fibres within our bodies that are attached to the bones by tendons and are surrounded by tissues. They provide the necessary force required for movement of the body. Muscle injuries are commonly known as strains or pulled muscles. This occurs when a muscle contracts while it is elongating during physical activity or a particular movement.

Although athletes have the highest percentage of muscular injuries, they are quite common among active people as a whole. The factors that increase the likelihood of muscle injuries include age, reduced flexibility, previous muscle injuries, lack of muscular strength, and fatigue.

Here are some common muscular injuries and how you can treat them:

Lower Back Pain:

According to a study of over one million residents of Canada, approximately 72% of the participants reported having experienced lower back pain. Lower back pain is usually associated with trauma, repetitive movements, or issues related to the joint discs located in the spine. Chronic and acute lower back pain can be a result of poor technique during various sport related activities.

You can achieve normal function and pain relief from proper exercises, stretches, and recommended physiotherapy assistance.



Ligaments attached to the end of the muscles connect them to the bones and provide stability to the muscles. During physical activity, it’s entirely possible that the ligaments can be stretched too much or torn causing a muscular injury.

Common areas that are sprained include ankles, knees, shoulders, neck, and back. Sprains are one of the most common reasons people seek out physiotherapists. Certain strategies used in physiotherapy such as massages and shockwave therapy are aimed at reducing the pain while encouraging normal tissue function.


Strains, commonly known as ‘pulled muscles,’ can occur due to the overuse of any muscles during strenuous physical activity. Strains are also a common work-related injury among people with an active lifestyle. When we overuse any muscle, it causes stress on the tendons resulting in inflammation of the muscles. This can worsen over time without proper treatment and can often cause acute painful conditions.


You can treat the strained muscles at home with by applying ice to the area or using compression band and taking plenty of rest. Alternately, professional physiotherapy or sports medicine clinics can help minimise the pain while providing the treatment to bring down the inflammation.

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