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5 Easy Ways to Ensure Spine Health

Written by Nancy

Navigating through life with an unhealthy spine can be difficult and painful. Your first encounter with back pain can spring other spine related problems.  You can maintain your spine health by complementing your treatment plan with a change in lifestyle.

Here is a list of things that will provide your back that extra support.

Let Your Back Sleep

Your back requires rest like other parts of your body. By sleeping in an awkward position, you add stress to your spine instead of giving it a rest. Hence, your mattress and pillow should be comfortable for your back.

Your spine has a natural curve by laying straight or on your back you straighten the natural curve, putting your back under pressure.

Sleep on one side, providing your shoulder the support of the mattress; add pillows between your legs or under your back for additional support and comfort. This position will provide your back proper rest.

If you can’t avoid sleeping on your back, then place a pillow under your back to match the curvature of your spine. When laying straight elevate your knees with a pillow, it will provide a neutral position to your spine.

Work Your Core And Back Muscles

A nice and tight core will take the weight off of your lower back. With regular exercise, you can distribute the weight in the front and back of your body, allowing better movement of your spine.

A strong core also prevents a lot of injury, as an engaged core ensures better equilibrium keeping you upright and away from back injury.

You can ensure a healthy core by maintaining a good diet and exercising 20-30 minutes every day. Make sure you keep your core engaged, and work on strengthening specific back muscles with different exercises such as;

  • Floor bridge
  • Plank
  • Side plank

The Right Shoes

Shoes are not just fashion statement they can make or break your back. This makes them an important contributor to spine health.

Choose shoes that provide support and cushion to your feet. Avoid wearing small sizes or high heels for long durations.

Most importantly, purchase shoes that cater to your feet type (flat, normal, or high arched). Lastly, visit an orthotics is you experience any kind of discomfort or pain in the feet.

Treat Your Back With A Massage

Massage therapies can be relaxing and beneficial for your back as well as your mind.

Massage increases the endorphin levels in your body that helps in reducing pain. In addition to this, it also allows proper blood flow to the pain region which boosts the healing process.

Correct Your Posture

If you work in traditional settings, you probably spend over 9 hours seated on a chair. To ensure that your spine remains healthy, provide sufficient support with the help of arm supporters and back cushions.

Avoid slouching in your seat, take breaks and stretch your muscles frequently. When seated, make sure you maintain your posture and provide support to curves of your spine.

If you want to take a further step in spine care, replace your traditional seat with a standing desk or an exercise ball.

All these tips are precautionary measure that can manage your back pain, but theses alone can’t cure all your problems. Book an appointment at Divergent Health Group’s clinic in Calgary to avail multidimensional pain management treatments.

They provide massage therapy, chiropractic services, physical therapy, and vitamins to effectively manage all kinds of pain.

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