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5 Exercises for Quick Recovery From COVID-19

COVID-19 exhausts your body, and people who recover from it experience fatigue and weakness. Here are five light exercises that can help you regain your strength.

Going for a Walk

During your recovery period, it’s best to start with a ten-to-fifteen-minute walk around the block. Once you start to regain some of your stamina, you can start walking faster to get your heart rate going.

Stretch During Commercials

Did you start binge-watching shows when you were down with COVID-19? As you recover and continue to binge-watch, ensure that you’re getting up during the commercials or at the end of each episode. Take a walk around the house and stretch. This way, you will slowly get back into the habit of moving and expedite your recovery.


Yoga is great for mindfulness, and as you recover, you need to be mindful of your body and its surroundings. Start with a beginner yoga class on YouTube and follow the instructor’s lead. As you perform the movements, focus on your breathing . Be mindful of what you’re doing and take a break if you feel out of breath or tired. At every step, be sure to not exert yourself too much.

Toe and Leg Lifts

As you spent most of your time on the bed when your body was fighting the coronavirus, be sure to move your lower body during the recovery period. Stand by the dining table or a countertop, lower and raise your heels as you stand on your toes.

You can also keep one leg sturdy on the ground and lift your other knee, bring it to your chest and hold it. Repeat this movement fifteen times for each leg.

Jog in Intervals

If you’ve spent some time doing the exercises mentioned above, you can start to jog again. But do it in int

ervals. You can walk for five minutes and jog for one minute. Continue doing this for at least thirty to forty minutes and see how your body responds. Once you get the hang of it, you can increase the time for your jogging intervals.

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