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5 Facts About Head Lice You Wish You Knew Earlier

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Written by Nancy

Knowledge is power— the power to help you get rid of those pestering lice causing that insatiable itch on your scalp.

For today’s life lesson, we’ve rounded some head lice facts you may not have heard before.

Whether these are interesting or just downright gross, we’ll leave that up to you to judge!

1. Lice eggs (nits) take on your hair’s natural pigment for camouflage

Have you ever wondered why it takes so long for you to detect head lice?

For starters, lice are generally light tan to dark brown in color, a color spectrum most hair colors around the world fall in. Lice nits tend to be sneakier; these sticky, miniature lice eggs match your natural hair color (in dyed hair, nits are usually more obvious due to the difference in color) and reside near the root.

2. Lice get a grip on your scalp and hair using tiny claws

Contrary to what you may have heard, lice cannot hop or fly. Instead, they crawl, with the help of especially-adapted claws, also known as tarsus, to get a move on around and across the hair.

This is why you will find the majority of lice infestations in kids and frequent group selfie-takers. On average, lice can move nine centimeters per minute by crawling.

3. Lice have been found on mummies

If you have ever wondered how long ago lice infestations started, then you may not get a clear answer, because so far, no one has found a specific answer for how and when lice started out. But we can tell you that they date back thousands of years, based on this interesting study on lice found on pre-Columbian mummies. Yikes!

4. Lice party in the dark and quiet

5 Facts About Head Lice You Wish You Knew Earlier

Although the lice’s tarsus (claws) provides them with the ability to grip hair, the constant motion of their host body does make it difficult to move around. Come nighttime, when you’re peacefully asleep, your life will go nuts, biting, feeding and moving around. Hello, sleep loss!

5. Lice infestations generally consist of 10 or more lice

It’s why we call it an “infestation”. In very rare cases, people detect the lice they contract from someone else right away.

Only once the lice multiply to a population of 10-15 adults and nymphs, do you realize that you have lice. And where there are a couple of lice visible in the mirror, there are a lot more hidden within your strands.

If you suspect that you have a head lice infestation, call up the professional lice experts Lice Troopers. The professional lice removal service offers both salon and in-home lice removals by appointment at 800-403-5423. Check them out!

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