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5 Misconceptions Associated with Human Growth Hormone

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Written by Nancy

With so many new concepts and ideas floating around in the digital sphere, it is completely normal to feel skeptical about certain products; especially ones that promise glorious age reversal.

It just sounds too good to be true. This skepticism gives birth to misconceptions that have a tendency to spread like wildfire.

To make sure that everybody discovers the fountain of youth and does so safely, we’ve busted a few myths connected to HGH.

Injectable HGH Is Unnatural

This could not be further from the truth, given the fact that it’s made from completely natural nutrients that are known to increase the body’s natural HGH production. These include Amino acids, Colostrum, or Glutamine Peptides.

Research shows that artificially enhancing the natural production of HGH in our body through injectables can go a long way in restoring our health and well-being, which otherwise declines with age.

HGH Sprays Work Fastest

This is a widespread misconception that stems primarily from a lack of awareness. Since our pituitary glands produce HGH, taking HGH spray cannot affect the gland itself. Even if we were to believe that it would enhance pituitary function, it is still very unlikely that HGH will be absorbed effectively through the mouth.

The best results therefore come from something that will directly affect and stimulate the pituitary glands to naturally release HGH.

HGH Always Works for Height

This is a misleading marketing gimmick. While it is true that authentic HGH injectables can get you closer to your body goals, it may not always work for every user’s height. For some younger individuals who are in the developing phase of their life, HGH is very likely to affect their height and stature.

But in older adults, who’re already at their maximum height, HGH will not help them grow any taller.

HGH Administration Is Always Safe

While HGH comes with limitless potential, its safety is not always guaranteed. A range of factors affects its results and implications including its quality, authenticity, the form it’s being taken in, and your age and physical health.

For some people, it may cause high blood pressure or higher blood cholesterol levels, and other physiological side effects.

HGH Is the Same as Steroids

Most people believe that since both are classified as hormones, they can be boxed into the same category. What they fail to realize is that they are a completely different class—they are composed differently and act distinctly.

In fact, even their uses aren’t exactly the same. While steroids are mainly taken to increase physical power and athletic ability, HGH is used to enhance growth. Furthermore, HGH is much easier to absorb than steroids and has many more long-term side effects that are much more serious than anything associated with HGH.


If your misconceptions regarding growth hormones have been dispelled, it’s time you try them for yourself. But be sure to buy injectable HGH from reputed, FDA-approved sellers, like HGH Supplier in Miami, FL.

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