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5 Misconceptions about Hypnosis that are Misleading

An article published online by Psychology Today elaborates on how hypnosis is a highly effective technique when it comes to addressing an array of complications. These include eating disorders, problems with sleep, social anxiety and even chronic physical pain!

Though hypnosis is a legitimate form of treatment and has been for a while, there are still numerous myths and misconceptions floating about among the less enlightened! We’re going to dispel some of the more common ones over the course of this article!

Misconception #1: It’s Magical and Metaphysical


It is not uncommon for people to link hypnosis to the supernatural. They feel hypnotism is some kind of dark and mysterious process as opposed to a science. The fact of the matter is, hypnosis doesn’t and never has had anything to do with the supernatural!

It is a clinical science that deals with the subconscious mind, accessing it and using the subconscious to one’s own advantage.

Misconception #2: Hypnosis is about Involuntary Mind Control

Qualified hypnotists who have been working in the field may find this myth to be anything from entertaining to irritating. The fictional or staged representation of a hypnotist is usually one of a quirky individual—one who uses their powers (or techniques) to influence people into behaving in certain ways that they are unaware of!

In reality, clinical hypnosis has nothing to do with such manipulation or control. Those undergoing hypnosis are in complete control of their faculties and are not put in a compromising position in any way.

Misconception #3: Hypnosis is not Real Treatment


If hypnosis were not a real treatment, there would not be hundreds of success stories the world over claiming true life changing results. People have successfully used hypnosis to treat various maladies and health issues. In some instances, hypnosis has even been effective where other techniques may have failed.

If success rates don’t convince you, remember that the world “clinical hypnosis” is an official term. In other words, hypnosis is very much a legitimate, accepted and highly effective form of medical treatment.

Misconception #4: Hypnosis Makes You Divulge Personal Information without Realizing It

This one’s completely false. There have been rumors spread in the past about how a person in a hypnotic trance may divulge personal confidential information. Untrue!

In truth, hypnosis gives you access to your own subconscious. It does not open you up for control by another, in any way, nor does it work like some kind of truth drug.

Misconception #5: Hypnosis is not for the Strong Willed

Hypnosis has nothing to do with mental fortitude or willpower. When turning to hypnosis to treat a certain health concern or life issue, your personal willpower or mental fortitude is of no consequence.

The hypnotic state is triggered or entered using certain techniques that can work on anyone regardless of their perceived mental strength or lack of.  In fact, the more intelligent an individual is, the better hypnotic subject they are likely to be.

The Upshot

Clarifying misconceptions is important in order to understand how hypnosis works and why hypnotherapy is so effective. If you’re looking to work with a professional hypnotist to help with your personal or professional growth, there are brilliant, accomplished, celebrity hypnotherapists, who have been featured in dozens of TV and news stories that you can call on.

Easy Willpower is an organization founded by Rena Greenberg, a hypnotist and recognized authority on hypnotherapy, weight loss and wellness. The organization helps clients achieve emotional and even physical wellness through various techniques relating to hypnosis working with individuals and organizations alike.

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