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5 Secrets for Maintaining Longer-Lasting Lash Extensions

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Written by Nancy

The presence of lash extensions gives your face an entirely different appearance. here’s nothing more eye-catching than a woman long, voluminous batting lashes.

However, it may be difficult to maintain these lash extensions. Here are some secret tips to help you keep your lashes luscious for as long as possible! Take a look:

1. Stay Away From High Temperatures

Humidity can cause your lash glue to become runny, and the extensions may not stick as long as they’re supposed to. The first 48 hours after application are the most crucial as the adhesive glue sets during those hours.

Hence it’s important not to expose your eyelash extensions to any form of moisture or humidity during this time. That means staying away from stoves, ovens, and even warm baths.

2. Use Appropriate Glue

The main ingredient used in the adhesive is cyanoacrylate, which is an acrylic resin. This component is commonly used in super glues and contains fumes that could make your eyes water.

If your eyes are too watery during the eyelash treatment, it can prevent the glue from sticking; therefore, make sure you tell your esthetician to use an adhesive-free of cyanoacrylate.

woman applying lash glue to false lashes

3. Steer Clear Of Oil-Based Cleansers

Many cleansers, makeup removers, and wipes are oil-based, which means that they’re enemies of the chemical in the adhesive used in sticking your lashes.

So, avoid using oil-based cleansers and keep the lashes as dry as possible.

4. Try Not To Sleep On Them

It’s only natural to twist and turn when in bed; however, changing sides too frequently during sleep can ruin your lashes!

A good idea is to get a special sleeping mask that’s hollowed out so your lashes don’t break or become lumpy while you sleep.

5. Be Mindful Of Your Extensions

Lastly, be mindful of your lash extensions. Try not to wear mascara because:

  1. You don’t need to anymore
  2. The weight of the mascara could cause your lashes to break

Moreover, be sure not to rub your eyes too harshly; rub the lids with your finger if you must.

Also, if you need to take your extensions out, never pull them off because it will cause you to strip your natural lashes as well. Always reach out to lash-care professionals who know what they’re doing.

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