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5 Stunning Extension Before-and-Afters We Can’t Get Enough Of

Written by Nancy

Imagine waking up with soft, dreamy, and luxurious hair that requires little to no touch-ups and styling help.

Sounds like a utopian fantasy, doesn’t it?

While you may think your hair woes are bound to stay with you forever, it’s actually quite easy to banish them. Utter the word ‘extensions’ and they’ll start running for their lives. Settle into a salon chair and you’ll watch their pace quicken. Step out of the salon with a fresh makeover and they’ll be long gone!

We’ve rounded up our favorite extension before-and-afters to show you how easy and doable the process is. With rich and voluminous payoff, you’ll be able to pull off your favorite hairstyles and look like an ethereal goddess.

Read on!

1. Dreamy Sew-In Weave Magic

Sew-In Weave

Suffering from dull, drab, and distasteful hair? Indulge in a stunning sew-in weave with lace closure, frontal, or netting. Not only will a dreamy weave add length to your natural locks, but it’ll also add glossy shine, volume, and vigor. With beautiful layers that further complement your style, you’ll be ready to walk out the door and conquer the world!

2. Stunning Micro-Links for Limp and Flat Hair


Micro-link extensions are undeniably the best option for women with limp, straight, and flat hair that can’t hold a traditional braid foundation.

While you may have invested in extensions in the past, it’s very likely that the wrong technique resulted in your fresh makeover falling apart within a few weeks. By strongly yet gently adhering to your natural locks, micro-link extensions stay intact despite how flat and limp your hair may be.

Enjoy up to three and a half months of healthy, revitalized, and voluminous locks that put a spring in your step each time you walk out!

Hair Weaves and Extension MD’s premium technique goes the extra mile to ensure customers get stunning texture, volume, and shine without an artificial appearance. By offering strong hold, their micro-link extensions blend with natural hair seamlessly, thereby eliminating chances of detection.

3. A Fresh and Short Sew-In Weave

Short Sew-In Weave

As one of our favorite extension makeovers, this flirty and healthy weave is manifestation of how transformative a great hairdo can be!

Achieved using a traditional sew-in weave, this glamorous look instantly imbues the client’s hair with shine, elasticity, and radiant texture. If you’re suffering from dull and damaged hair with weak porosity, high-quality extensions will give you a mega makeover that helps you regain your confidence.

While you may not like long dos, this before-and-after is proof that short and sassy weaves can be just as stunning and transformative!

4. Va-Va-Voom! Micro-Link Ombre Magic Like No Other

 Micro-Link Ombre

As one of the hottest trends of 2020, fresh ombre hair has been taking the world by storm and it doesn’t seem like this trend will be leaving our sights any time soon.

Transform your short and weak hair into a voluminous and ethereal affair by indulging in micro-link hair extensions. This braidless method will help you achieve the hair color of your dreams without worrying about damage.

As your natural hair stays safe and snug underneath, you’ll be able to make the most of your favorite ombre color and style! We recommend running some organic African shea butter through your strands on a bi-weekly basis to maintain the color, richness, shine, and texture of your new locks!

5. Frizz to Fun: A Hydrated a Flirty Sew-In Weave

Sew-In Weave

We’ve all been there. Straighten your hair and seal things off with a heat protectant spray only to find your strands caught up in a frizz storm moments later. As the weather begins to change and humidity re-enters our lives, it’s essential that you invest in a long-term and viable solution to the frizz wars raging on your head.

A sleek sew-in weave will add vitality and bounce to your locks without causing any damage. For sleek maintenance that helps your extensions look just as stunning as they did when you freshly walked out of the salon, we recommend indulging in a nourishing scalp oil treatment. Infused with vitamin E and organic ingredients—including almond oil, coconut oil, and sunflower oil—scalp oil will hydrate and moisturize your extensions while giving your natural hair some much-needed TLC.

Indulge in dreamy hair extensions by heading to Hair Weaves and Extensions MD in Catonsville. The private salon offers a wide range of services—including a traditional weave and braidless sew-in. Check out their wide range of all-natural hair products to invest in gentle and nourishing hair care that forgoes chemicals and toxic compounds.

For more information about their products and services, contact the private salon at 410-744-4900.

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