5 Surprising Foods that are Bad for Dental Health

Dental Health
Written by Nancy

Candy, chips, and a steak well-done make sense, but citrus fruits and almonds aren’t the first things that come to mind when you think food that’s bad for your dental health!

But according to the general consensus in the dental community, it seems that we’re quite misinformed about the food we eat.

In general, our daily intake doesn’t do much harm to our teeth and gums. But a combination of bad dental hygiene and natural chemicals in our meals can cause our teeth to rot, decay, or even crack. So who are these culprits that are hiding in plain sight?

We asked the pediatric dental team from Our Children’s Dentist in Houston, TX to give us the lowdown!

1. Almonds


Let’s start with a basic snack! A popular treat for the health conscious folk among us, almonds are chock full of nutrition and quite satisfactory to eat if you just chomp down on a handful at once.

But despite their flavor, we shouldn’t forget that almonds are also hard. Too much pressure can not only cause chipping, but it can also fracture your tooth. The best way to eat almonds is by slicing them and taking it easy when you munch.

2. Citrus


That vitamin C content is tempting. But you can’t chew on a load of oranges and not expect them to do something to your teeth and gums.

When citrus comes in direct contact with your teeth, the acidity of the fruit causes the enamel to erode and soften. And if you remember anything from 4th grade biology, you know enamel does not grow back.

After you’ve chugged back that juice or had a snack, always have a glass of water to wash down that citrus. After about 20 minutes, brush your teeth with a soft toothbrush.

3. Coffee


A cuppa day keeps the morning blues away!

One cup of coffee can offers a bucketload of antioxidants for your body. But it can also stain your pearly whites alongside. And keep in mind; you don’t need to down a pot of brew a day to cause staining. The best way to keep your teeth protected is by either use a straw, lessening the sugar content, adding more coffee, or switching to some soothing iced coffee.

4. Dried Fruits


Another go-to snack for healthy eaters, dried fruits offer nutrients, but they can cause a lot of damage to your teeth if you’re not careful. Fruit such as raisins can stick to your teeth and trap in bacteria as well, which doesn’t go away by just swishing your mouth with water.

A good idea would be to limit your intake and brushing your teeth 20 minutes after eating to ensure that you get all the little bits out.

5. BBQ Sauce

BBQ sauce

Say it ain’t so! But unfortunately, we must!

A staple condiment in most American homes, BBQ sauce is nevertheless unhealthy because it’s full of sugar. And while this sugar content does wonders for your meals, it can do a number on your tooth enamel by clinging to your choppers and slowly making them weaker. The right choice would be to switch to a BBQ sauce that’s low in sugar, and of course, to brush your teeth after a meal.

A Final Word

According to the dentistry team at the Houston Pediatric office, the best way to give your teeth the care they need is to be informed about it.

Ask your dentist about the right way of taking care of your teeth. Or even contact Our Children’s Dentist if you have any questions!

Book more than just an annual appointment every year. And get proper treatment if you feel that your teeth are becoming sensitive. Only then will you be able to keep your teeth strong and pearlescent for a longer time!

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