5 Surprising Health Benefits of Having a Beard

Written by Nancy

2020 was unofficially the ‘Year of No Haircuts’ with many guys opting to let their facial hair grow out instead of making a trip to the barber. Now, as lockdown measures ease up, you might be thinking of going bare-faced again this year—but that’s one decision you should definitely reconsider. 

Apart from the major sex appeal, beards are also the key to looking younger and living a cancer-free life. Sounds too good to be true? Check out the science behind surprising health benefits of beards. 

1. Reduces the risk of acne

Excess oils and bacteria increases the risk of acne and breakout among men. Beards can help prevent bacteria from coming in contact with the skin and prevent acne. Plus, even if you have acne, beards are a great way to hide the pimples and blemishes with ease. 

2. Protects your face from UV rays



Regular exposure to UV rays from the sun can increase your risk of cancer. Most of us skip out on the sunscreen—especially during the winter months. Although sunscreen should be a part of your daily routine, the good news is that beards can prevent your skin from coming in contact with UV rays and offer an extra layer of protection against the sun. 

3. Lowers risk of ingrowns

Regularly shaving with razors can cause inflammation and ingrown hair that not only look nasty, but can even lead to an infection. Avoid this painful part of shaving by growing out your beard. 

4. Slows down aging 

When you first start to grow a beard, people might tell you that you look older—but that isn’t a bad thing. Beards can make guys look more powerful and sophisticated. Plus, as you grow older, they hide the wrinkles on your skin and make you look younger!

5. Helps skin retain moisture

Beards can protect the skin from losing moisture and becoming too dry. Investing in good quality beard oil or beard balm can further help your skin and hair looking smooth and supple. 

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