5 Things that Make a Difference for Your Pregnancy

Written by Nancy

While pregnancy is beautiful, it can be uncomfortable at times. With your body growing, you’ll experience a lot of changes that you’re not ready for—morning sickness, nausea, swollen feet and breasts.

There are ways to make these 9 months easier and more comfortable.

š Improve Your Diet

Your diet can make a big difference for your birthing experience. It also means less heartburn and less nausea, especially if you’re sensitive to certain smells. Create a specified diet plan that gives you the nutrition you need. Stay away from high-carb foods and focus on getting more protein. This will help when you breastfeed.

š Listen to Music

Pregnancy careThere are many studies on the positive effects of music on fetal development. But not many describe the obvious benefits that music offers for mothers as well.

Aside from helping them connect with their baby, music reduces stress levels by diverting your attention. That unwinds your muscles and promotes an overall feeling of relaxation.

š Focus on Your Comfort Levels

There’s no need to max out your credit card for that maternity wardrobe. Instead, buy a few dresses that are especially made for pregnancy and post-pregnancy. Dressed to Deliver has a gorgeous collection of comfortable dressing gowns for labor and nursing. Stock your wardrobe with some smart maternity choices. Also, buy a nursing nightgown and robe set for the hospital so you don’t end up wearing uncomfortable hospital gowns when the time comes.

š Exercise the Right Way

maternity carePregnancy is not an excuse to quit exercising. In fact, a good exercise machine is even more crucial during these months.

Brisk walking reduces chances of hemorrhage after birth and helps you recover from birth faster. Ask your doctor which regime would suit you and go to a pregnancy class so you have clear instructions on the right way of doing your exercises. Avoid contact sports though.

š Sleep

Your body is working overtime to help your baby grow big and strong. It’s going to get tired eventually. Pregnant women need 8–10 hours of sleep. Take naps during the day and make your bed as comfortable as you can for your nightly beauty sleep (white noise machine, a smattering of pillows, an extra squishy partner to snuggle with).

Making these small changes will not only make your pregnancy better, they’ll improve your birthing experience as well!

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