6 Natural Ways You Can Boost Your Fertility

Written by Nancy

With all the medical procedures, doctors’ appointments and medications, you might feel as if you have very little control over your body.

However, there are natural ways that can help your body prepare better for pregnancy. Following some simple techniques and refraining from certain habits, you can have the most wonderful gift that nature has to offer.

Here are 6 natural ways that can help enhance your chances of fertility:

Keep Your Weight in Check

As a woman, your weight has a major impact on your chances of conception. Both being underweight and overweight can prevent you from getting pregnant.

According to WebMD, women who had an increased BMI (25 to 39) showed a twofold increase in the time to get pregnant. For underweight women (less than 19), the results were worse.     

Manage Stress

Although psychological in nature, stress is a major factor when it comes to fertility. Make sure you understand what makes you feel stressful. It may be pressure from work or it could be some family issues.

Make sure you find better ways to deal with stress. Take time out for yourself, have fun, meditate – or do any of the stuff that relaxes you.

Put a Hamper on your Drinking Habits

Drinks, such as coffee or alcohol, can hamper your chances of getting pregnant.

Although one or two cups of coffee everyday will do no harm, it is excessive coffee consumption that can prove to be damaging.

As far as alcohol intake is concerned, it is recommended that you skip the habit altogether to be on the safe side.

Get Sufficient Sleep

Adequate sleep (at least 7 hours every day) is very important for all human beings. When looking to get pregnant, you should have enough sleep to keep your mind and body relaxed.

What’s more, a disturbed sleep cycle can have a damaging impact on your hormonal situation. This would surely not be good for your chances of getting pregnant.  

Get Rid of Your Smoking Habit

Smoking is a dangerous health hazard. Surely, it would not be helpful when you are looking to get pregnant.

In men, smoking can lead to reduced sperm production. To avoid miscarriage, a woman should also refrain from smoking.

Have Regular Intercourse

Some couples might think that delaying sex or ‘saving up’ might enhance chances of pregnancy. However, not have sex for more than 5 days can negatively affect the sperm count.

It has been found that having intercourse every other day can enhance chances of pregnancy.

About the Author: The author is an advocate of women’s health in Brisbane. From acupuncture to kinesiology, he is a big fan of all the naturopathy procedures. For years, he has been writing about all things natural.

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