7 Possible Symptoms Of Heart Disease You Should Never Ignore

Symptoms Of Heart Disease
Written by Nancy

Contrary to the common misconception, chest pain isn’t the only indication of heart disease. Instead, many other symptoms having no connection to the heart can be indicative of severe heart conditions.

If you have an unhealthy lifestyle, are obese, have diabetes, are hypertensive, and have a history of heart conditions running in the family, be extremely mindful of these symptoms indicating heart problems.

1. Shortness Of Breath

Many people believe that shortness of breath comes with an inactive lifestyle. However, if you’re out of breath after doing minimal amounts of physical activity, it’s indicative of underlying heart disease or condition.

2. Unexplained Fatigue


If you feel extreme fatigue most of the time, the reason can be more than just your sleep deprivation.  Extreme fatigue usually signals a struggling heart. When the heart is unable to efficiently pump blood to all parts of your body, the inefficient oxygen in your system can lead to periods of extreme fatigue.

Many people shrug this condition off in the hopes that it’ll get better on its own. However, one should not delay consulting a medical practitioner if they feel constantly tired.

3. Swollen Ankles And Feet

Swelling in the ankles and feet can occur due to a host of reasons, including liver disease, kidney failure, pregnancy, having a diet rich in salt or taking certain medications. It can also indicate an underlying heart condition that’s causing inefficient blood flow. Swelling in feet or ankles as a result of heart conditions usually occurs with other symptoms such as fatigue and shortness of breath.

4. Unexplained Pains

Coronary arterial disease—that blocks the supply of blood to your heart—can result in extreme pains during physical activities. However, one can experience this pain in other parts of the body, such as the arms, jaw, shoulders, back, and abdomen in addition to the chest area.

If you feel extreme pain in these areas particularly while exercising, consult your doctor for an examination.

5. Pain While Walking


Peripheral arterial disease (PAD) causes extreme pain in the leg and hip areas. It’s caused by fat build-up in the arteries of the leg and is closely linked to heart conditions. The chances of someone having a blocked heart artery when they have PAD are 50%.

6. Palpitations

Heart palpitations are characterized by irregular and rapid heartbeats. While palpitations can occur as a result of dehydration, anxiety or caffeine intake, they need medical attention if they are frequent and occur excessively while resting.

7. Frequent Migraines


If you experience frequent migraines with auras, the reason could be an underlying heart abnormality. According to the National Institutes of Health, approximately 40% of patients suffering from a heart disease—constituting 12% of the population— experience migraines.

Symptoms indicating an underlying heart disease need to be taken care of immediately to prevent fatal complications in the future. Stripes Primary Care offers extensive medical care services in Gold Canyon, Mesa and Apache Junction, AZ. They have a qualified team of doctors and state-of-the-art medical equipment to identify and treat heart diseases and other medical conditions. Reach out to them today.

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