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7 Ways Bad Breath Can Ruin Your Personal and Professional Life

Written by Nancy

Imagine leaning in to kiss your significant other, and a strong-bad breath comes from their mouth before you can kiss them. What’s going to be your reaction? Would you continue loving your partner, could bad breath ruin your relationship? 

Now place yourself on the opposite side where you have bad breath. You accompany your partner or a friend to a dinner party, but nobody wants to talk to you because your breath smells. Won’t that be a deal-breaker for your partner? Would you still stay at that dinner party? 

What Does Good Breath Mean in Relationships?

Your life partner can be forgiving, may accept many of your flaws and habits. When it comes to bad breath, it’s something partners can’t tolerate. It’s a deciding factor from the beginning till the end of any relationship. Today, we will discuss the causes of bad breath, how it affects relationships worldwide, and possible solutions for this problem. 


What Causes Bad Breath?

Bad breath is also known as malodor, is a common but well-researched and treatable condition. Around 50 million people in the United States develop chronic malodor conditions, but only a few look for treatments due to embarrassment. It can affect anybody, can be the result of poor oral hygiene or the kind of food you ate. It could also point towards a concerning medical condition. 

Poor Dental Health

 Poor oral hygiene is the root cause of many conditions like bad breath. This is the reason behind the dentist’s emphasis on developing healthy oral habits. If you don’t clean your mouth thoroughly, food particles settle down in your teeth, and it quickly develops into a plague. Food particles may even get trapped under your tongue and tonsils, which results in bad breath. 

Dental Issues 

If you experience teeth grinding during your sleep, then there is a possibility that you suffer from a dry mouth. A dry mouth is a result of dehydration, and it causes bad breath as well. Staying hydrated will not only resolve the problem but may also preserve the enamel. One of the best strategies that help stop teeth grinding is to wear a nightguard. Your dentist can guide you better after a brief examination. 

Digestive Issues

Poor digestion, bowel disorders, and constipation are all major causes of bad breath. If you experience acid reflux often, the odor from the food you consume travels back to your esophagus and comes out through your mouth; that results in bad breath.

High Protein and Low Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are the main source of energy for our bodies. If you consume food high in protein and low on carbohydrates, that can affect your metabolism. A high protein diet is hard to digest with low carbohydrates as a result, the body releases sulfurous gases when the food doesn’t metabolize.  

7 Ways Bad Breath Can Ruin Your Relationships 

It Lowers Your Confidence

Numerous platonic and romantic relationships have ended because one person neglects oral health, and the other person can’t stand bad breath. At times it gets so bad that it shatters the confidence on both sides. The person who has malodor feels embarrassed and unattractive. The other person starts feeling less attracted to the other partner because of bad breath.

Hard To Kiss

 This is one of the most prominent ways that bad breath can ruin your personal life. Talking to someone with bad breath is not bearable let alone kissing him and her. If you have bad breath, the temptation of bending over to kiss your partner becomes a distant thought. If your partner avoids kissing you, Halitosis might be a problem. 

Makes Conceiving a Child Harder

Women having gum diseases associated with poor oral hygiene can take up to two months longer to conceive their child than those with good oral hygiene. A study suggested that it could be a result of excessive inflammation. Since there’s a direct relation between dental hygiene and conceiving, it can get quite challenging for partners looking forward to becoming parents. 

It Affects Intimacy between Partners

Bad breath negatively affects sexual intimacy since it makes it challenging for partners to bond with each other. A kiss is a primary component in foreplay if it’s absent due to your partner’s bad breath. You’ll end up avoiding it and removing it from your relationship altogether. Which makes it a permanent problem, and that may hurt your relationship in the long run. 

It Makes your Partner Uncomfortable

Regardless of how good relation you have with a friend or a partner. Malodour can damage or cause a rift in your relationships. Bad breath can be terrible, and maybe a few people might be able to bear it for you, especially if they have to stand it daily. That is why finding lasting solutions is necessary.

You Get Stuck At Dating 

Halitosis or malodor, any breath condition can become a hurdle and stop you from moving beyond the dating phase. If you find it hard to show affection, it’s nearly impossible for you to take your relationship a step ahead. The other person can also develop a low opinion of you especially if you don’t get treated. 

Poor Relationships – Or None at All!

So you can’t be intimate with your partner, go out with your friends or colleagues. What’s next? Your relationships will start getting weaker since it will get hard to spend time together. People will start getting distant emotionally as well, which will affect your relationships.  



This is why dentists emphasize periodontal care because that’s how you learn about underlying conditions and use preventive care methods before any dental problem grows and requires extensive treatment. 

At Copperhill Smiles, we understand how bad breath can affect your social life and your health. That is why we offer a comfortable environment at our facility so that our patients can openly discuss their problems without feeling embarrassed. If you’ve developed a breath problem, you are not alone!

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