8 Natural Ways to Lower Blood Sugar Levels

Written by Nancy

Pre-diabetes is a condition in which sugar levels in the blood become higher than normal, but not as high as to cause Diabetes.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 1 in 3 Americans have pre-diabetes. The same resource also mentions that if proper intervention is not given, around 15% to 30% of these people might develop Type 2 Diabetes. Apart from Diabetes, Pre-diabetes can also lead to several heart diseases (not to mention the damage that sweet foods can cause to our teeth).

Let us take a look at 8 natural ways sugar levels in the blood can be reduced:

Exercise Regularly

Exercising not only helps with weight loss, it also increases your insulin sensitivity. This enhanced sensitivity means that your body will be better able to manage sugar levels in the bloodstream. Moreover, exercising helps your muscles better utilize excess sugar.

Curb Your Carb Intake

Carbs or Carbohydrates are molecules that are broken down by your body and converted into sugar (glucose). Having too many carbohydrates in your diet can cause glucose level in your blood to increase. This can lead to several diseases. Make sure you keep your carb intake in check by employing an appropriate food exchange system.

Divide Your Meals in Small Portions throughout the Day

You might think that skipping meals is helping you eat less, but that is not always the case.

Being hungry for a longer period of time can cause overeating at the next meal. A better approach would be to spread your meals throughout the day and eat in smaller portions.

Sleep Well

Appropriate amount of sleep is essential for keeping a healthy blood sugar level. Generally, an adult requires 8 hours of sleep each night. Sleep deprivation can cause the release of growth hormones to slow down and lead to high cortisol levels. Both of these conditions can increase blood sugar levels.

Plan a Well-Balanced Diet

A balanced diet consists of a proper mix of proteins, fruits and vegetables, healthy fat and perhaps some whole grain. It contains measured portions of all kinds of foods. With the help of your physician, create a healthy diet plan.

Try Cinnamon Extracts

According to the US National Library of Medicine, cinnamon can reduce blood glucose levels in patients with Type 2 Diabetes. Having some cinnamon in your foods and drinks can moderate the effects of sugar.

Reduce Your Stress

When you have too much stress, hormones such as glucagon and cortisol, are secreted. These hormones can lead the blood sugar levels to soar. A study showed that yogic exercises can reduce stress and hence, blood glucose levels in nursing students. If you experience high stress levels, make sure you perform some stress relieving exercises.

Keep Laughing

Laughing has been found to relieve symptoms of quite a few diseases. According to the American Diabetes Association, laughing can decrease blood sugar levels. So, keep the humor alive!

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