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Accessories for Those with Limited Mobility

Whether you are injured or struggling with a lifelong disability that has affected your mobility, you may need certain accessories to take care of yourself and carry on with your life like everyone else. Here are 6 accessories that everyone with any kind of disability must-have.

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If you have been diagnosed with a disability that makes it difficult to move around, you will definitely need a wheelchair to get around. Getting one will make your life much easier, but make sure that you buy one that meets your needs. If you don’t have someone around you at all times, it’s better to invest in a wheelchair that you can operate on your own. Remote-controlled electronic wheelchairs are the best option.


A walker is a walking aid to help you get around when walking is difficult or impossible. There are different types of walkers that you can choose from. These walkers can help you access places where you may not be able to go using a wheelchair. Make sure that you invest in a durable and strong walker that can handle your weight.


Crutches are very useful for helping you get around when you are injured or have a long-term disability. When you are injured, crutches are the best way to prevent further injury. You can use crutches along with walkers and a wheelchair. Although crutches provide less stability, they can often come in handy when you’re recovering from an injury and trying to get back on your feet.

Shower Chair

It’s not easy to shower when you have a disability, especially if something is wrong with your feet. A shower chair is a high-quality seat that will lift you above the tub or shower floor so you can rest comfortably while bathing or shaving. Make sure that the seat is stable enough before using it.

Toilet Plungers and Bathtub Grab Bars

If you have limited mobility and health issues, getting in and out of the tub or shower can be difficult. A bathtub grab bar will come in handy when you need assistance by offering a sturdy handhold for your shower chair. If you’re worried about falling while sitting on the toilet, invest in a toilet plunger that will keep you from slipping.

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