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Accidental Fires: 3 Preventive Steps For Senior Loved Ones at Home

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Independent living has become very common in the last few years. And if you have a senior loved one living alone, it’s important to ensure their home safety. According to the National Fire Protection Association, older adults are at a higher risk of experiencing a fire-related injury.

Sometimes, inevitable fire accidents happen, but many residential fires are preventable with the correct strategies.

Thanks to modern technology, people are now able to install advanced fire detection systems in their homes. These tools are especially helpful for making residential properties safer for the elderly.

In this article, we have discussed some effective tips to ensure your seniors are safer at home.

1.   Find Alternatives to Lighting Candles

Scented candles are a great way to make your home smell nice, however, they can prove to be a danger to personal safety. If your elderly loved one likes to light candles in the house, there’s a chance they might forget to blow it out.

Leaving burning candles unattended can lead to accidental residential fires. Therefore, offer alternatives to candles such as electric warmers that can diffuse equally pleasant and warm scents in the air.

Tell them about the potential hazards of an open flame. For further assistance, you can hire an at-home senior caregiver to ensure the safety of your senior loved ones.

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2.   Minimize Electrical Circuit Fixtures

Having too many exposed electrical circuits around the house can lead to a potential fire breakout. Electric fixtures are prone to short-circuit and overheating. They can also cause electric shocks and electrocution due to faulty wiring and breakers.

Make sure circuit boards are not overloaded and inspected at least once in two months. Try to minimize power strip usage. Check toilets and bathrooms to ensure there’s no exposed wiring or faulty switchboard.

3.   Cook for

Almost 80% of house fires happen in the kitchen. Seniors who cook for themselves often forget to turn off the flame or leave electrical appliances unattended. Such mistakes can lead to hazardous fire breakouts that are difficult to manage.

Try to prepare meals for your elderly loved ones. If you’re away, employ a full-service senior care agency like the SK Senior Citizen Care to help you older family members.

An at-home senior caregiver will also keep your elderly loved ones safe from accidental fire hazards in the kitchen.

SK Senior Citizen Care is a full-service, at-home senior caregiving company in the US. They offer trained professionals for dementia senior care, assisted home care for the elderly, and much more.

You can also purchase high-quality home health care products for seniors via the company’s website. From prepping healthy meals to ensuring senior home safety, their caregivers can do it all.

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