How Acupuncture Helps Relieve Migraines

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Written by Nancy

f you’ve experienced it, you know it. Whether it is loud banging noises, sharp lights or sudden movements—migraines are sensitive to the slightest of triggers. You have to be exceptionally lucky to be able to prevent it in its early stages as managing migraines with medication can be challenging. The lot of us will just spend from an hour to an entire day (or more) clutching our head like it’ll explode anytime.

Migraines are not simple headaches you get after a long day or work. Hence, aspirin can’t resolve the problem either. They begin with a throbbing in either side of the head, which gradually becomes more intense and overbearing as it spreads into the forefront. By the time you’re fully in its grip, you’d be unable to work, sleep, eat or talk. All you can do is vomit and wish for it to pass.

The Numbers on Migraine

This problem is highly prevalent because every 1 in 4 American homes has someone who suffers from this condition. While 18% of the female population in US has been diagnosed with this, an overall 12% segment (including men and children) also suffer from it.

Even though it’s the most disabling neurological condition in the world affecting 2% of the global population, its treatments are rare. But acupuncture is known to be therapeutic for migraines and this is how.


Does Acupuncture Work

A study published by the Canadian Medical Association Journal revealed that acupuncture can help reduce the number of days when you get migraines. The study was conducted on a pool of 500 subjects. They were divided into those receiving actual acupuncture, and those receiving a placebo treatment. It should be noted that the sample only consisted of individuals who had reported 6 or more days of migraines in a month.

The results of the study showed that the per month frequency of migraines cut down to 3 days for both groups. Acupuncture was also known to reap long-term benefits because a month later, participants reported fewer migraines of lower intensities. However, the placebo effect that was observed in the initial stages after the study wore off within a month. Only those subjects who received acupuncture treatment reported improvement in their condition.

Important Points about Acupuncture

Acupuncture specialists have confirmed that mere insertion of needles in the skin can have a positive impact on the condition. However, making the treatment more specific to acupuncture points brings about better results.

An interesting finding also revealed that those patients who haven’t received any other form of treatment in the past respond better to acupuncture. Thus bodies that haven’t received medical help or therapy of any kind before show higher success rates of acupuncture in case of migraines.

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