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Alternative Health Techniques VS Traditional Medicine: Which One’s Best For You?

Written by Nancy

The debate regarding which method is better between alternative health techniques and traditional medicine has been raging on for decades. However, with the progression of time, more people are now moving away from traditional medicines such as painkillers because they have side-effects that are, in some cases, even worse than the symptoms of their illness. This only adds to their frustration which is why more people are now opting for alternative health therapies.

The benefits of alternative health techniques

A major benefit of using alternative health techniques is that they provide a natural therapy option compared to other methods. Moreover, unlike traditional medicine that treats only the symptoms, alternative health techniques treat the symptoms and aim to find the underlying causes of the illness. Health practitioners often utilize alternative techniques to address the root of the problem and suggest any lifestyle changes that could be made.

This impacts an individual’s quality of life in a positive manner as they find relief from pain and other symptoms without having to deal with the side-effects that traditional medicine cause. Additionally, alternative health therapies are generally a more affordable option compared to traditional medicine, which can significantly add to your medical bills.

The dangers of traditional medicine 

Regardless of how the medical world has evolved over the years, there are still considerable dangers associated with it that drive people away from incorporating them into their lifestyle. Nausea and headaches are commonly associated with some traditional medicines, such as painkillers. Furthermore, in cases where patients have been prescribed opioids for chronic pain, it was found that up to 12% of individuals developed an addiction.

This danger is further highlighted when you consider that more than nearly 150 people die after overdosing on opioids every day in the United States. In addition to this, another factor that goes against traditional medicine is that unlike alternative health techniques that focus on disease prevention, the former treats the symptoms of the illness or disease itself. This is a reactive approach that makes you question whether or not this is the right approach for providing the best medical care.

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