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Am I Going Through Menopause?

Older woman going through menopause
Written by Nancy

The average age that most women in the United States begin menopause is usually 51 years, but the normal range for its onset can go from your 40s to your late 50s.

While the whole process of going through menopause is perfectly normal because it’s one that every woman has to go through after a certain age, it may also come with some physical symptoms that are less than comfortable for most women.

When does Menopause Begin?

Pinpointing exactly when your menopause begins can be an impossible task. Officially, a doctor can declare that your menopause has begun after you haven’t had a menstrual period for at least 1 year, but it may have begun a bit before that.

Signs and Symptoms

While you might still have a few years before menopause begins, certain physical signs and symptoms may start popping up as you age, which lets you know that it may be just around the corner. The most common type of symptom is the beginning of irregular period cycles. You might notice changes in frequency, flow, and length of the period.

Other major symptoms can include getting hot flashes that last a few minutes, vaginal dryness or infections in the bladder, disturbed sleeping patterns, randomly striking irritable moods, loss of sex drive, and changes in your body such as an increasing waist or muscle loss.

The exact symptoms you experience and the intensity with which they occur can vary from one woman to another. If the symptoms interfere too much with your life, you should speak to a doctor about the best ways you can deal with it; they’ll recommend whether you should consider medical procedures like hormone therapy.

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Dealing with Menopause

As it usually is with most biological processes, some women will not particularly feel anything when going through menopause, while others may experience symptoms that can range from mild to extreme.

For women with milder symptoms such as hot flashes that last less than a minute, irregular periods that aren’t too painful, or mild mood swings that don’t cause emotional distress, a few changes to your lifestyle may be enough. These can include carrying around a small fan or consuming fewer caffeinated drinks.

If your symptoms are a bit more extreme, then you should look into the different medical treatment options available to you. You could aim to alleviate specific symptoms like mood swings through the use of mild anti-depressants, physiology treatment for muscle loss, or low libido treatment for a reduced sex drive.

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