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How to Answer Stress-Related Questions during Nursing Job Interviews

A nurse in a brown blazer giving a job interview
Written by Nancy

A nurse in a brown blazer giving a job interviewJob interviews for healthcare employees usually revolve around behavioral questions. Such questions are asked because interviewers try to see how the interviewee will perform or behave in certain situations.

Real-life situations in healthcare can be pretty stressful, especially during the ongoing pandemic. Most nursing job interviews have many stress-related questions and circumstances where they want you to present real-life stories of how you handled a certain situation.

Here is how you should deal with and answer stress-related questions during nursing job interviews.

Understand Why the Interviewer is asking the Question

When you apply for a nursing position, the interviewer will ask you multiple stress-related questions. You need to understand why any interview will ask such questions. Typically, the interview is searching for three main things whenever they ask a nurse any stress-related question:

  1. Whether you, as a nurse, are acknowledging that you will be surrounded with stress at work.
  2. Whether you know how stress affects you and how it can impact you.
  3. And if you can deal with the stress without letting it become too much.

A nurse answering stress-related questions during her job interviewList Your Soft Skills

One of the main things interviewers are curious about is how skilled you are to deal with stress and pressure at work. You should always list the soft skills that you can use when a situation arises that requires you to overcome or manage your stress.

Interviewers do want to know how you overcome or adapt to stressful situations. Still, they love hearing about soft interpersonal skills like adaptability, leadership, communication, organization, problem-solving, and time-management skills.

Link These Skills to Examples

Now it’s time to add context to your soft skills by relating or linking them with real-life appropriate and impactful examples. Anytime you’ve experiences pressure or stress at work or any other place, list this example and highlight your strengths through these examples.

Mention Your Actions, Not Feelings

Sometimes people can get caught up and start mentioning their negative feelings about peers or coworkers. Always focus on positive things that helped you with stress and only communicate those. This doesn’t mean you deny the stress, but staying positive will impress your interviewer.

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