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Asbestos in Your Home—Should You Be Worried?

Written by Nancy

It’s been decades since the use of asbestos was discontinued in building materials following the reveal how its exposure could potentially harm human health.

Even so, many homes in the United States still have asbestos lurking inside, especially in constructions dating back to 1970s, as the use of asbestos was still common during that period.

For homeowners knowing that their homes do contain traces of asbestos, the knowledge can create a feeling of uneasiness; a worrisome state of mind.

But does the presence of the mineral inside a home – alone – is enough to merit a preventative strategy and incite homeowners into taking drastic measures to do something about it?

Or, is it completely “okay” to live in a house which has asbestos in it and not concern oneself with its presence?

It depends…

Asbestos can potentially exist in two states, friable or non-friable.

In a friable state, asbestos fibers can become airborne if the material that contains asbestos is disturbed, handled or moved. Even a slightest of disturbance can set the asbestos fibers free. Such situations are potentially concerning and if you have a friable asbestos material at your home, it does indeed need removal.

However, if asbestos is present in a non-friable state in your home (a state where its fibers are intact), living with asbestos is deemed safe. You don’t necessarily need to remove it.

According to the American Cancer Society:

There is no health risk if the asbestos is bonded into intact finished products

Examples of such products include walls, tiles, structural concrete etc.

Consulting an asbestos removal company can help in determining the actual state of asbestos found in your home. If found in the friable state, you can get it removed. If it exists in a non-friable state, you can take preventative measures as suggested by your local asbestos removal company to control and limit its potential exposure.

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