What Athletes Lack: 5 Common Nutritional Deficiencies That Trouble Athletes

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Written by Nancy

If you’re an athlete then you will be well aware of the importance of staying in peak physical condition.

The thing about physical fitness is that it’s not just about going to the gym five days a week; you have to pay equal attention to your diet and nutrition as well.

Nutritional deficiency leaves you prone to injuries and can have a significant impact on your overall performance. Here’s a look at the most common nutritional deficiencies that athletes suffer from:


Want to make sure your bones stay strong? You’re going to need Calcium. Calcium ions on your bone interact with the ions found in bodily fluids. It’s responsible for managing various bodily functions which include blood coagulation, nerve transmission, and muscle contraction.

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So from where do, you get Calcium? The most obvious answer is milk and dairy products. In addition to these, you can also consume food items, which are rich in Calcium. These include fish and beans.

Vitamin D

Wearing too much sunscreen and clothes can lead to a severe Vitamin D deficiency. As the sunscreen prevents your body from absorbing the sun rays incident on it, it can lead to weak bones and muscles.

In order to prevent this problem, make sure you consume food items like eggs and milk. You can also go for vitamin D supplements.


A major benefit of Potassium is that there are plenty of food sources from where you can get it. Therefore, you don’t have to resort to taking Potassium supplements.

Potassium is a mineral which keeps your muscles and heart in proper working condition. However, consuming too much of it can lead to a heart attack!

Some food items rich with Potassium include tomatoes, green beans, nuts, and seeds. The quantity of Potassium varies for example Bananas have 400 mg of Potassium whereas Potatoes have 800 mg of Potassium.


Nothing’s worse than an upset stomach, right? So how do you avoid this problem? The answer is dietary fiber.

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Fibers go directly through your digestive tract and ensure that it continues to work properly. Food items that are rich in fibers include oatmeal, Apples, bread, and spaghetti.

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