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Athletes Who Lost Their Careers to Injuries

Sports Related Injuries
Written by Nancy

Injuries in competitive sports are inevitable. It doesn’t really matter how fit you are or how healthy your diet is, a bad fall or a rough tackle is enough to end a person’s career.

One bad day is all that it takes to completely turn your life around. There are several examples of athletes who unfortunately suffered this fate. Let’s take a look at some of these:

Danny Manning

You would think that a guy named “player of the year” in his college years back in 1988, would become an instant star in the NBA. However, that never really happened in case of Danny Manning.

A lot of that had to do with injuries. The guy had torn his ACL during his college years and had undergone surgery. He was never the same after that. He continued to suffer from knee problems.

Although his performance did improve in the later years after getting two surgeries for his knees, he had to retire in 2003. The good news is, since then he has managed to carve out a career as a basketball coach.

Larry Johnson

When people talk about sports related injuries, they usually mention problems with knees and ACL. Very few of them actually talk about spinal injuries even though they too are common among athletes and can significantly affect their career. Just ask Larry Johnson.

The man had it all. He was more than six feet tall, weighed 250 lbs and was unstoppable on the court. Everybody agreed that with him on the team, it was only a matter of time before the team won the championship.

Unfortunately, a sprained back put a hold on a promising career. Even though Johnson continued to perform until 2001, he was only a shadow of his former self and a herniated disc was the reason for that.

Earl Campbell

Football players are known for being tough and aggressive and Earl Campbell was a natural at the sport. So what went wrong? In his case, it was knee and back injuries.

The guy had to undergo knee and spine surgery. He was also facing nerve issues because of which he had to retire after 8 years.

Tracy McGrady

Tracy McGrady was a premier player in NBA back in 2000 and was unbeatable on the court. He had everything going for him but knee injuries and back spasms cut his career short. He is still an active player but he’s nowhere near as good as he was back in the day.

Massage Therapy

The reason for mentioning all of these athletes was to tell you how injuries could completely turn your life around. This is why it’s important that you practice caution.

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