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Bald and Bold: 4 Best Hairstyles For Men With Short Hair

Best Hairstyles For Men
Written by Nancy

Who doesn’t like a dense mass of glossy curls or silky straight hair? Admit it or not, the raw, rustic appeal of thick hair is a guilty pleasure for many! But hair loss is a natural part of aging and it’s important that we learn to embrace it.

Even though there are tons of hair transplant options and surgeries available to try and get your desired look, but everything comes with strings attached. With our safe and effective scalp micropigmentation treatments, you can have a fuller looking scalp and style your look with trending hair shave designs.

Here are all the ways you can look trendy and cool, even with thinning hair and bald spots!

Slick Back

Slick Back

With a receding hairline, what men are left with is a widow’s peak. It’s only because of conventional beauty myths that such hairlines are deemed unappealing. It’s only a new hairline framing your face and you must embrace it, as it is. However, what’ll help style it is a slick back hairdo that combs back your remaining mass and the faded sides make the center look thicker.

Comb Over Hairstyle

If you’re worried that one side of your head is thinning faster than the other side, simply switch your parting. Move from left to right or right to left, as per your previous style and voila! You can have a refreshing new hair look with minimal effort. Not to mention, a new parting also makes your combover look fluffier and denser than before. For longer stay, spray your head with a styling product.

Short Pomp

If you’re left with no more than a fistful of hair in the center of your head, a Presley-esque pompadour is the hairstyle to go with. No matter the length, your hair can be pulled up in a short pump right at the center and it’ll conceal the growing baldness precisely. This is not only great for thin hair but also for receding hairlines. If you’re styling for a party, a hairdryer will help you set your hair better.


If you’re bothered by the bald spots that are showing in between a thinning mass of hair, you’d love the look spikes can give you. With a density of spikes covering the scalp, there’s little room for the bald spots to make a show. This textured look of spiky hair has long been part of men’s fashion and isn’t going out anytime soon.

Do you know what’ll look better with each of these styles? A scalp that looks denser than before!

Delaware Scalp Micropigmentation can help you with their non surgical hair loss treatment in Wilmington that cover your scalp with micropigmentation to look like hair follicles. Call them ASAP.

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