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Beginner’s Guide to Transitioning to a Paleo Diet

Written by Nancy

Thinking of turning your life around? A paleo lifestyle can do wonders for you! Apart from getting leaner, a paleo diet can promise you nutrition and boundless energy to get through the day and still want more!

Terms like the caveman or stone-age diet often give paleo an intimidating reputation but it’s honestly the most natural thing known to our bodies. Paleo is not about depriving ourselves! It’s about incorporating high-quality protein from meat, vegetables and a healthy dose of fats in our diet to make clean eating beneficial and sustainable for us.

Here’s how we recommend you kickstart your paleo diet!

1. Think positively

This goes without saying but you’ll only be successful in your diet if and when you’re motivated. Don’t get yourself down thinking about how many chocolate bars you’re missing out on. Instead, focus on the crunchy vegetables and deliciously juicy meat-based foods you’ll get to eat.

2. Find a source of top-quality animal protein

If you’re going to get the most of your protein from meat, then pastured or grass-fed meat is your best bet. Grass-fed meat is significantly healthier than most other forms of meat and contains low levels of fat. However, grass-fed meat products can come a bit pricey. The good news is that if you’re located in Vancouver then you can order your paleo meals from Eat Your Cake at affordable rates. This healthy meal delivery service lets you customize your food and only uses farm-fresh products so you’re basically getting the best of both worlds with them.

3. Get a little fat

Fat is often demonized in the world of health and fitness but it’s actually quite the opposite. Healthy fats can provide you with much-needed fuel and keep those hunger pangs at bay. It’s the dietary fats that you need to watch out for. If and when you’re ordering your meals from Eat Your Cake, you can always let their chefs know how much fat content you’d want in your meals


4. Break some diet rules

The whole point of adopting the paleo lifestyle is to emulate the natural diet of our ancestors. They ate whatever they hunted and that means if they found eggs for dinner then that’s what they were going to eat. Although we live in a blessed world with ample food around us, likewise applies to you. Don’t worry about eating chicken for breakfast and vegetables for dinner.

Give the paleo diet a go and you’ll ease into it in just a few days. Make the process easy on yourself and simply order nutritious meals from Eat Your Cake at the frequency you prefer. They deliver to homes and offices in Vancouver twice a week!

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The author is a pilates instructor and a loyal follower of the paleo diet. She loves to eat but dislikes cooking and orders most of her meals from Eat Your Cake.

About the author



I’m Nancy and no, I didn’t always look like I do in that picture on the right. My foray into health and fitness began as a brace-faced, 16 year-old who was too afraid to wear a two-piece at the beach because I felt my body paled in comparison to my much more toned friends.